Commanders are officers controlled by the player and their opponent in Operation Europe: Path to Victory. While a majority of these figures existed in real life, some are fictional characters taken from the television program Combat! and made playable.

Officer StatsEdit

  • Duty - An officer's assigned post.
  • Leadership (LDR) - An officer's ability to command armies or divisions. Bears a strong impact in battles.
  • Charm (CHRM) - An officer's overall charisma. A high amount makes it easier to motivate troops and ensures that requests to headquarters will be accepted.
  • Experience - An officer's current experience. This amount increases by 1 per battle victory.
  • Infantry (INF) - An officer's ability to lead infantry units.
  • Artillery (ATRY) - An officer's ability to lead artillery units.
  • Tank - An officer's ability to lead tank units.

Officer PositionsEdit

  • Army Commander (AC) - Controlled by the player. Responsible for issuing commands in strategy and battle. Benefits most from leadership and charm traits.
  • Chief of Operations (CO) - One of two positions that support the commander. As the player's war strategist, they will dispense useful advice at times. Individuals with this role are primarily responsible for special forces operations. Benefits from high leadership.
  • Chief of Intelligence (CI) - Similar to chief of operations, except that this individual is more focused on gathering intelligence and handling air forces operations.
  • Division Commander - Players must assign four different officers to manage individual divisions. Each one should be selected based on their ability to lead a particular battalion. For instance, a commander with a strong affinity for tanks will be able to make perfect use of tank battalions in combat.

Commander ListEdit

Miscellaneous CharactersEdit

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