Owain (FEW)
Character Information
Chrom (uncle)
Lissa (mother)
Emmeryn (aunt)
Lucina (cousin)
Unnamed father (varies in Awakening)
Marth (ancestor)
Caeda (ancestor)
Unnamed spouse (varies in Fates)
Ophelia (daughter)
Weapon Type:
Personal Weapon:
Voice Actor(s):
Hidenori Takahashi
Kaiji Tang
Playable via DLC.

Owain (ウード Ūdo, Eudes) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening and debuts a non-playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. He appears in Fire Emblem Fates under the alias Odin (オーディン Ōdin) and serves as Leo's retainer alongside Niles within the Nohr army.

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Owain tends to be talkative and seeks the legendary Missiletainn sword. He also wants to prove his mettle in combat, though tends to be very lively with theatrics as he gives rather radical names both to his weapons and for his special techniques on the spot.


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Owain's unique Crest is Resonating Power, an original Skill. It boosts the user's attack power as the user's Strength and Magic are closer to each other. Characters like Owain, Cordelia and Celica, whose Strength and Magic increase almost in lockstep, benefit the most from this.

A: Abysmal Body Blow: Owain clutches his left hand glowing with darkness and thrusts it forward, but then slashes his sword right giving hard damage.
A: Quenchable Blood Blades~Sword of the Knight Errant and Sword of the Blade Knight: Owain charges up and summons a large white sword in his right hand, and a large dark sword in his left hand. He then does a jumping slash hitting two times, then a downward slash, then two slashes in front, then finishes by doing a spreading slash.
A (Pair Up) In midair, Owain combines both his light and dark swords to form a large sword of lightning, then does two diagonal slashes, then finishes with a large lightning slash straightforward.


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