Oyuki (KSN3)

Oyuki (お雪) is one of the many women who fought during the Warring States period. She is best known for helping defend Anotsu Castle in 1600.

Role in GameEdit

Oyuki is an optional female officer in Kessen III. She starts as a local woman warrior seeking to serve under Nobunaga after the battle of Kiso River in Chapter 3. If the player collects all the items in the stage, she will offer her service to the Oda after the battle. She is a warrior class with a unit of mounted naginata.


  • "They call me Yuki. My spear is a match for any in this room."
  • "I will teach you to fear my name!"
  • "Men aren't the only ones to fear in battle."
  • "Was I too rough on you?"

Fighting StyleEdit

Oyuki excels at mounted spear combat, although she is also proficient in leading spear and sword footsoldiers. Her original skills grant her speed boosts to reach her enemies quickly and debuffing strategies that lower her foes' attack and defense. She also comes equipped with Izumi Naginata troops, connecting her to the weapon used in her husband's defense.

Historical InformationEdit

Oyuki Woodblock Image

Woodblock of Oyuki leading her husband to safety

Historically known as Yuki no Kata, Oyuki was the wife of Tomita Nobutaka, an officer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Her birth and death are not recorded, as only one historical record directly mentions her. However, it is safe to assume she accompanied her husband when the Taikō rewarded him with lordship of Anotsu Castle in 1595. Despite such a gift, Nobutaka sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Eastern Army as Japan prepared for the Sekigahara campaign. Unfortunately for the couple, that meant their castle was right along the Western Army's path towards Ieyasu. To make matters worse, Nobutaka and his forces were summoned away to aid Ieyasu in punishing Uesugi Kagekatsu as Ishida Mitsunari prepared to attack the western roads towards Edo, Ieyasu's stronghold.

Upon learning of Mitsunari's movements, Nobutaka rushed back to protect Oyuki and his castle, but was delayed by Kuki Yoshitaka. Fortunately, he arrived in time before the western forces led by Mōri Terumoto, Chōsokabe Morichika, and Nabeshima Katsushige reached Anotsu. Armed with only 1,700 troops, he and their allies defended themselves against the western alliance force of 30,000; the battle officially began on October 1, 1600. In the heat of combat, Nobutaka was cut off from his allies in pursuit of an injured enemy officer. To save her husband, Oyuki drove some of the opposing soldiers away using a naginata. So great was her attack that the enemy mistook her for a samurai, only one with a face far too fair. Having saved Nobutaka, their forces withdrew back into the castle for the night when negotiations began. Terumoto allowed the defenders to flee at night out of respect for their bravery against such overwhelming odds.

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