Panpeus (パンパス), called Panpas in the Japanese version, is the first enemy U-1 faces in Gitaroo-Man. He appears right after the training stage and levitates into U-1's room. Panpeus likes to cause mischief and possesses the ability to distort reality to his will. His axe is considered to be strong and resilient, but it takes considerable skill to wield it.

He is voiced by Lisle Wilkerson in the English version and by Noriko Yoshitake in the Japanese version.


Panpeus's stage is very predictable and slow, making it an ideal choice for beginners. His attacks maybe damaging though, so caution is necessary during the dodging stages. In Master's Play, this stage is significantly more difficult as the Phase Bars are more broken and Panpeus's attacks are more frequent.

Panpeus's Gitaroo sounds like a guitar type, but he plays it by swinging it like a normal weapon. When he's defeated, he promises that he won't cause anymore trouble.


Twisted Reality
used in stage 1.
A standard rock with U-1's Gitaroo sounding like a typical guitar. A man yells taunts and other jeers in English.

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