Pei Yuanshao
Pei Yuanshao - RTKXII
Character Information
Force(s): Yellow Turbans
Weapon Type: Spear
Unit Type: Warrior
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Péi Yuánshào
Chinese name:
裴元紹 - 裴元绍

Pei Yuanshao (onyomi: Hai Genshō) is a fictional member of the Yellow Turbans in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. After the death of his comrades, he turned to a life of thievery by forming a group of bandits.

Before Dynasty Warriors 7, the overseas localization separated the last two Chinese characters in his full name before fixing it.

Role in GamesEdit

Throughout the Dynasty Warriors series, Pei Yuanshao was in Dynasty Warriors 4 at the Yellow Turban Fortress, he would summon giant fans to call forth winds which will slow the Allied forces. He has always been present in the Yellow Turban campaigns. In Dynasty Warriors 5, he is one of the officers the player must defeat in order to obtain the Fire Arrows. In Dynasty Warriors 9, he is a friend of Zhou Cang and acts as his travelling companion after Zhang Jiao's demise the two chance upon Guan Yu and wish to be his retainers. Though Zhou Cang is able to catch up and convince the general of their sincerity, he returns to find that his friend had already fallen to Zhao Yun's spear, believing that the Yellow Turbans were still ruthless pillagers.

His Romance of the Three Kingdoms incarnation suffers from poor stats. Even his redeeming trait, war, is mediocre at best.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

A former general of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Pei Yuanshao sought to sustain himself by leading a band of brigands. He once attempted to steal Red Hare only to surrender upon realizing that Guan Yu, who had left Cao Cao's service to reunite with Liu Bei, was the owner of this steed. As a way to appease him, he introduced Guan Yu to his fellow bandit Zhou Cang who would go on to become an officer of Shu. Later, Pei Yuanshao was killed in a duel against Zhao Yun when he tried to rob the latter's horse as well.