Persian Mare from Samurai Warriors 2.

Persian Mare (汗血馬, Kangetsuba, lit. Sweat and Blood Horse) is a rare red-tinted horse that is actually a Ferghana horse. In Samurai Warriors, equipping the Arabian Saddle will allow the player to ride this horse. The horse is usually ridden by Masamune in the games. It was said that Masamune was one of the few generals of his time to ride horses imported from Persia, but there is little proof that states this actually occurred.

In the first game, it is the second fastest horse that the player can equip. It has above average speed and strength but cannot run over many obstacles. In the sequel, it is one of the three horses in the game with excellent stats. When the players run through enemies, they will additionally be set ablaze.

How to UnlockEdit

  • Samurai Warriors: Siege of Osaka Castle, Yukimura's upper path scenario. Complete all the given missions and prevent Masamune from entering the castle. When he's defeated, the notice for the supply captain will show up from the western side of the map and travel towards the east. Defeat them and complete the stage to gain the saddle.
  • Samurai Warriors 2: Complete the Transport Rescue on the 71st floor in Survival Mode. It will cost 7,200 gold in the shop.
  • Samurai Warriors 2: Empires: Use Chinese Trade until you get the report that you obtained the Persian Mare.

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