Pico (ピコちゃん, Pico-chan) is a secondary character in Gitaroo-Man and the classmate that U-1 admires. She bears a resemblance to Kirah. She is voiced by Bianca Allen in the English version and by Machiko Toyoshima in the Japanese version.

Pico is a charming and naturally trusting character who wants to see people get along. She is popular, kind, unassuming, and prefers rollerskating over skateboarding. She has faith in U-1's talents, even if he consistently losses against Kazuya. When Kazuya bullies U-1, she chides him to refrain from his mean comments. Gregorio remarks that she is too plain for his tastes and doesn't consider her to be too impressive. During the ending, she innocently asks where U-1 went for his summer vacation but doesn't get a direct answer. He instead takes her away from Kazuya and they happily run away together.

There is a rumor that she may have come from another country, but its location is never elaborated.

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