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Party Member EventEdit

Event which lets the player recruit Motonari and Motochika into their party during the main story. This can be unlocked before clearing a single ending. Scheduled to only be available on March 17th in Japan. Overseas releases allows downloads from June 18th - December 31st, 2012.


Scenario 01Edit

Titled "Wandering Kabukimono, Keiji's Story". Features a scenario with the protagonist and Keiji. Available through March 24th ~ April 13th once the player has completed one ending in the game.


Reshiram EventEdit

Lets players obtain Hideyoshi and his legendary Pokémon Reshiram. Can only be obtained after beating the game once. Takes place on March 31st.


Scenario 02Edit

Scenario focusing on Okuni and her encounter with Nōhime. Available through April 14th ~ May 11th once the player has completed one ending in the game.


Scenario 03Edit

Episode about Gracia wanting to help her father unify Ransei.

Scenario 04Edit

Kanbei's episode, in which he and Hanbei work together to assemble 100 Pokémon for Hideyoshi.

Scenario 05Edit

Ranmaru's episode. He is forced to participate in the all-woman scenario.


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