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Special Combos are an important part of the critique section in Fashion Battles. They determine how many points a designer is given based on the number of combos used in their ensemble. These combinations range from item selection to proper color usage. Like keywords, players can unlock them by socializing with others at the streets or inside the store.

Coordination CombosEdit

By ItemEdit

Involves coordinating different items together to invoke a specific image. Combo types within this category may be used simultaneously for additional points.

Solely consisting of full outerwear garments and costumes, each one yields 10 separate points. Color variations for costumes, on the other hand, provide 30 points instead.

Outerwear & Costumes
Pannier Dress Chemise Dress X-Silhouette Dress Mini Dress
Patchwork Dress Glam Bodysuit Tight Mini Dress Babydoll Dress
Yukata Muumuu Dress Sari Cloak
Toga Changshan Gown Cheongsam Gown Raincoat
Nurse Uniform Waitress Dress Overalls Tutu
Bikini One-Piece Swimsuit Competition Swimsuit Ao Dai
Longyi Swiss Dress Classic Swimsuit Malay Dress
Tigerprint Bikini Flamenco Dress Wrestling Tights Chima-Jeogori
Dutch Dress Fringed Outfit Coveralls Evening Gown
Poodle Outfit Layered Dress Lu Bu Costume Keiji Maeda Costume
Monkey Costume Bear Costume
Sea Monkey (水ザル) - Powder Blue I Love Honey (ハチミツ大好き) - Khaki
Golden Monkey (黄化ザル) - Yellow Teddy Bear (クマのぬいぐるみ) - Caramel
Snow Monkey (ニホンザル) - White Polar Bear (ホッキョクグマ) - White
Chimpanzee (チンパンジー) - Black Black Bear (ツキノワグマ) - Black
Choco Monkey (じろ~) - Brown Brown Bear (ヒグマ) - Brown
Tiger Costume Dog Costume
Tasmanian Tiger (タスマニアタイガー) - Periwinkle Chili Dog (たそがれドック) - Burgundy
Whiny Tiger (ボルドータイガー) - Bordeaux Happy-go Doggie (幸せをよぶ犬) - White
Black Tiger (ブラックタイガー) - Black Doberman Pincer (ドーベルマン) - Black
Bengal Tiger (ベンガルトラ) - Yellow Man's Best Friend (ハチこう) - Ivory
Frog Costume Water Imp Costume
Blue Tree Frog (ナイルケロッグ) - Cerulean Cerulean Water Imp (ナイルガッパ) - Cerulean
Night Frog (ネイビーカムバック) - Midnight Blue Grape Water Imp (大江戸カッパ) - Grape
I Like Frogs (アマガエル) - Green Legendary Water Imp (伝説のカッパ) - Green
Golden Poison Frog (とびきち) - Yellow
Penguin Costume Sheep Costume
Ice-Cold Penguin (開運の青いペンギン) - Baby Blue Green Tea Sheep (まっ茶うんメェ~) - Chartreuse
Emerald de Penguin (青春の1ペンギン) - Emerald Strawberry Sheep (イチゴうんメェ~) - Strawberry
Emperor Penguin (コウテイペンギン) - Turquoise Mary's Little Lamb (メアリーさんのヒツジ) - White
Fried Egg Costume Angel Costume
Sunny Side Up (スチームドエッグ) - White Chunky Cherub (ダ天使) - Black
The Yoke's on You (キロヨンエッグ) - Silver Archangel (おとめのいのり) - Walnut
Eggs & Ketchup (ふつうのイクラ) - Orange White Angel (ホワイトエンジェル) - White
Devil Costume Furball Costume
Grape Devil (セクシーデビル) - Grape Purple Planet (るり色の地球) - Purple
Cutie Devil (やさしい悪魔) - Rose Potted Plant (あかんこの主) - Green
Lil' Devil (デビル) - Black Marshmallow Man (ふわふわだいふく) - Cream
Ogre Costume Panda Costume
Lightning Ogre (カミナリ様) - Yellow Grassy Panda (食い倒れパンダ) - Celadon
Water Ogre (オニのリクルート) - Blue Red Hot Chili Panda (四川風パンダ) - Red
Fire Ogre (アカオニ) - Red
Anglerfish Costume Bunny Costume
American Anglerfish (アメリカンアングラー) - Yellow Rascally Rabbit (ロジャーウサギ) - Gray
Black Anglerfish (チョウチンアンコウ) - Black Easter Bunny (さくらびっと) - Pink
Mech Costume Caveman Costume
Full Speed Ahead (エンジン全開メカ) - Maroon My First Person (はじめの人間) - Brown
21 & Over Mech (大人のメカ) - Wine Moonlight Hunter (真夜中のハンター) - Navy Blue
Fireball Costume Droplet Costume
Blue Flame (こうおんファイヤー) - Cyan Fountain of Youth (南の島の水の精) - Turquoise
Flaming Hot (カチカチ山) - Red Blueberry Juice (ブルーベリージュース) - Lavender
Elf Costume Beetle Costume
The Grapevine (けしむらさ樹) - Mauve King of the Night (夜の帝王) - Black
Christmas Tree (クリスマスツリー) - Green Sommelier Beetle (ソムリエカブト) - Wine
Sumo Costume Skeleton Costume
Chocolate Sumo (チョニシキ) - Brown Pinky Bone (ドランカーボーン) - Pink
Green Giant (グリーンタイタン) - Green X-Ray Vision (人間にないた~い) - Ivory
Superhero Costume Bodysuit Costume
Sundae Driver (地底人) - Caramel The Darkness (戦とう員) - Black
Hero Sandwich (オリーブのために) - Olive It's all Gold (幸せの黄色タイツ) - Yellow
Snail Costume Cat Costume
Escargot (エスカルゴ) - Cream Hairless Cat (スフィンクス) - Baby Pink
Snail in the Grass (わかつむり) - Lime Here Kitty Kitty (アメショー) - Gray

This 2-piece combo type is worth 30 points.

Combo Items
Little Prince (リトルプリンス) Long Curly Hair Bow Pumps
UK Hardcore (UKハードコア) Mohawk Leather Jacket
Lumberjack (ギャングスタ) Beanie Cap Flannel Shirt
Rococo Style (ロココ・スタイル) Pompadour Dress Coat
Romantic Style (ロマン・スタイル) A la Giraffe X-Silhouette Dress
Party Girl (ボディコン・スタイル) Single Length Hair Tight Mini-Dress
Mechanic (バイクしゅう理屋さん) Bandana Coveralls
Mover (ひっこし屋さん) Baseball Cap Coveralls
Nurse (ナース・スタイル) Nurse's Cap Nurse Uniform
Waitress (ウエイトレススタイル) Waitress Cap Waitress Dress
Master Detective (ホームズ) Deerstalker Cap Raincoat
Tigress (トラむすめ) Tigerprint Boots Tigerprint Bikini
Little Alps Girl (アルプスの少女) Swiss Cap Dutch Dress
Mongolian (モンゴル) Del Grotal Boots
Train Conductor (車しょうさん) Conductor's Cap Conductor's Coat
Russian Style (ロシアン) Ushanka Cossack Blouse
Chinese Style (チャイニーズ) Chinese Cap Changshan Gown
Chinese Lady (チャイニーズレディ) Twin Bunches Cheongsam Gown
Swimming School (スクールスイミング) Swimming Goggles Competition Swimsuit
Japanese Style (もんつきはかま) Hakama Traditional Vest
The Phantom (怪人マスク) Top Hat (Black) Domino Mask (Black)

This 3-piece combo type is worth 50 points.

Combo Items
Flapper Style (フラッパー・スタイル) Short Hair Short Dress Short Skirt
Slim & Long Lines (スリム&ロングライン) Bucket Hat Tailored Suit Slim Skirt
Golfer (ナード) Newsboy Cap Argyle Vest Twill Pants
Dignified Style (ジャッキー・スタイル) Bouffant Hair Vintage Suit Pin Heel Shoes
Surfer Style (サーファー・スタイル) Floppy Hair Aloha Shirt Swimming Trunks
Ninja Style (ニンジャ・スタイル) Ninja Mask Ninja Cloak Ninja Pants
Neoclassic Style (ネオ・クラシック) La Belle Epoque Empire Shoes Chemise Dress
Disco Style (グラム・スタイル) Mullet London Boots Glam Bodysuit
Macaroni Style (マカロニ・スタイル) Wavy Hair Macaroni Vest Macaroni Suit
Fisherman (スカリーズ) Fisherman's Hat Baggy Pants Overcoat
Old School (オールドスクール) Cloche Hat Laceless Sneakers Sweatshirt
Rocker (ロッカー) Combed Back Hair Sunglasses Motorcycle Jacket
Gold Medal Judoka (金メダルきぼう) Bushy Hair Japanese Sandals Judo Gi
Greek Warrior (古代ギリシャ) Greek Helmet Grecian Sandals Toga
Scottish Style (スコットランド) Highland Jacket Sporran Balmacaan Coat
Space Alien (イセイ人) Horns London Boots Glam Bodysuit
Clown (ピエロ) Clown Makeup London Boots Glam Bodysuit
Kabuki Actor (かぶき) Kabuki Makeup Hakama Kimono

This 4-piece combo type is worth 70 points.

Combo Items
Hobble Style
Turban Eastern Blouse
Hobble Skirt Tango Shoes
Edwardian Style
Hamburg Hat Three Button Vest
Tapered Pants Loose-Fitting Coat
New Look
Seashell Hat A-Line Blouse
Full Skirt Strap High Heels
Teddy Boy Style
Pompadour Formal Vest
Tight-Fitting Pants Strap Shoes
Fashion Model
Pinned Up Hair Leather Bustier
Bikini Bottoms Hip Boots
Grunge Style
Bandana XXXL T-Shirt
Cargo Shorts Climbing Boots
Neo Old School
Dreadlocks Babydoll T-Shirt
Lined Skirt Sneakers
Hollywood Starlet
Starlet Hair Starlet Shirt
Starlet Pants Starlet Shoes
San Tropez Style
Boyish Cut Boarder T-Shirt
Shorts Sandals
Hip-Hop Dancer
Spiral Perm Bustier
Spandex Tights Aerobics Shoes
Clean Look Hair Camel Hair Shirt
Sweatpants Flip-flops
Yuppie Style
Beret Rectangle Glasses
Turtleneck No Tuck Pants
Hippie Style
Natural Long Hair Trimmed Beard
Henley T-Shirt Strap Sandals
Old French Style
Barrister Wig Jabot Vest
Louis XV Heels Dress Coat
Tailored Style
Pompadour Hat Tailored Blouse
Tailored Skirt Double-Breasted Jacket
Sensible Style
Ribbon Hat Victorian Blouse
Bloomers Sensible Suit
Peacock Style
Mop Top Puffy Shirt
Half Boots Peabody Jacket
Trucker Style
Painter's Cap Knee-High Shorts
High Tops Large Flannel Shirt
Knit Cap Cat Eye Sunglasses
Snowboard Pants Soft Boots
Cowboy Style
Ten Gallon Hat Western Shirt
Western Boots Western Jacket
Medieval Knight
Battle Helmet Plate Mail
Cuisses War Boots
Weekend Warrior
Bushy Hair Camel Hair Shirt
Sweatpants Flip-flops
Beret Camouflage T-Shirt
Cargo Skirt Classic Sneakers
Tour Guide
Ribbon Hat Simple Blouse
Slim Skirt Socks & Loafers
Punk Rocker
Spiky Hair Ripped Shirt
Flap Pants Hippie Vest
Hawaiian Style
Floral Headband Coconut Bra
Grass Skirt Long Vest
Middle-Eastern Style
Headcloth Choli
Jodhpur Boots Flannel Jacket
Square Glasses Long Sleeve Shirt
Loafers Schoolboy Jacket
Baseball Player
Baseball Cap Baseball Jersey
Baseball Pants Japanese Vest
Bandana Eyepatch
Arabian Pants Arabian Shoes
Monk Style
Cloche Hat Hakama
Japanese Sandals Kimono
Good Girl Gone Bad
Afro Sailor Suit
Petticoat Socks & Loafers
Clean Look Hair Camel Hair Shirt (Caramel)
Sweatpants (Caramel) Flip-flops

This 5-piece combo type is worth 90 points.

Combo Items
Baroque Style
Colonial Wig Whalebone Corset Riding Breeches
Nobleman Shoes Justaucorps
Dandy Style
Top Hat Butler Vest Pantaloons
Slip Ons Tuxedo Coat
Zoot Style
Slicked Back Hair Shirt & Power Tie Peg-Top Trousers
Cross Trainers Zoot Suit
Ivy Leaguer
Crew Cut Ivy League Sweater Jeans
Loafers Duffle Jacket
Bon Chic Bon Genre
French Beret Mock Turtleneck Miniskirt
Flat Heel Shoes Bolero Jacket
Bandana Paisley Shirt Leather Pants
Sabot Long Vest
Army Style
Trapper Hat Camouflage T-Shirt Cargo Skirt
Classic Sneakers Aviator Jacket
New Mod Style
Mod Boy Hair Polo Shirt Mod Slacks
Moccasins Mod Jacket
Rockabilly Style
Rockabilly Hair Western Shirt High Waist Pants
Suede Shoes Relaxed Jacket
Sock Hop Style
Ducktail Hair Collegiate Blouse Circular Skirt
Saddle Shoes Swing Top
Crew Style
Buzz Cut Mod Shirt Pleated Pants
Safety Shoes Suspenders
Funk Style
Afro Leopard Shirt Flare-Leg Pants
Storm Boots Snakeskin Vest
New School
Short Dreads Parka Leggings
Basketball Shoes Heavy Coat
Elegant Style
Oval Glasses Silk Blouse Tweed Skirt
Point-Toe Pumps Tweed Jacket
Mod Style
Mod Cap Heartbeat T-Shirt Low-Rise Jeans
Army Boots V-Neck Sweater
Boyish Style
Parted Hair Polo Shirt Knee-High Shorts
Tassel Slip Ons School Blazer
Doll Style
Peakaboo Hair Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tight Skirt
High-Heel Sandals Double-Breasted Jacket
Arabian Style
Headcloth Arabian Vest Arabian Pants
Arabian Shoes Long Vest
Punk Rocker
Spiky Hair Simple T-Shirt Jeans
Engineer Boots Leather Jacket
Shady Detective
Combed Back Hair Sunglasses Sailor Suit
High Waist Pants Loafers
Preppie Boy
Floppy Hair Shirt & Tie Mod Slacks
Loafers Mod Parka
Samurai Warrior
Topknot Blush Hakama
Flip-flops Kimono
Samurai Strategist
Topknot Reading Glasses Hakama
Flip-flops Kimono
Foolish Samurai
Topknot Blush Sailor Suit
Hakama Flip-flops
Office Worker
Parted Hair Shirt & Tie Mod Slacks
Loafers Mod Jacket
Circus Barker
Boater Hat Camel Hair Shirt Tapered Pants
Japanese Sandals Loose-Fitting Coat
Wild & Crazy Style
Afro Sunglasses Sailor Suit
Petticoat Socks & Loafers
Happy Retirement
Clean Look Hair Camel Hair Shirt Sweatpants
Japanese Sandals Japanese Vest (Red)

This 6-piece combo type is worth 110 points.

Combo Items
Neorococo Style
Parted Hair Chinstrap Beard Riding Vest
Long Pantaloons Low Heel Boots Frock Coat
Biker Style
Helmet Sport Sunglasses Simple T-Shirt
Chaps Engineer Boots Denim Vest
Founding Fathers
Classic Haircut Funky Beard Round Collar Shirt
Slim Leg Pants Side Gore Boots Four Button Jacket
Doll Hairstyle Square Glasses Long Sleeve Shirt
Micro Mini Kilt Socks & Loafers Sleeveless Vest
Rock n Roller
Pompadour Sunglasses Simple T-Shirt
Jeans Engineer Boots Leather Jacket
Chief Executive Officer
Feather Headdress Reading Glasses Shirt & Tie
Mod Slacks Loafers Mod Jacket
Fight Promoter
Afro Sunglasses Shirt & Tie
Mod Slacks Loafers Mod Jacket
New Yorker
Top Hat Monocle Riding Vest
Pantaloons Engineer Boots Frock Coat
The Natural
Afro Sunglasses Simple T-Shirt
Jeans Engineer Boots Denim Vest

By ColorEdit

Outfit coordination inspired by using similar or different colors together. Unlike item-based combos, designers are limited to using one type per ensemble.

Single color combinations. Each one is worth 10 points.

Ivory Leaguer (アイボラー) Cream of the Crop (ネオクリーム)
Ivory Cream
Mellow Yellow (イエローサブマリン) Tacky Khaki (カーキく~けこ~)
Yellow Khaki
Olive Oil (ばりオリーブ) On the Same Beige (オフホワイトピクシー)
Olive Beige
Off the Walnut (くるま~) Orange County (オレンジサンシャイン)
Walnut Orange
Caramel Clutch (キャメルクラッチ) German Chocolate Cake (カカオマスブラザーズ)
Caramel Brown
This Little Pinky (まじかるベビーピンク) Tulip Blossom (サーモンピンカー)
Baby Pink Puce
That's Rediculous (ゆうやけレッド) House of Burgundy (シルエットロマンス)
Red Burgundy
Maroon Lagoon (コックスラッカ) Wisteria Vine (ふじカラー)
Maroon Lilac
Luscious Lavender (ラベンダーと私) Purple Reign (オールドトレジャー)
Lavender Purple
Grape Scott (江戸パープルレイン) Simply Mauvelous (けせないむらさき)
Grape Mauve
Rip van Periwinkle (ナイスシルバー) Cornflower Power (わすれな草をあなたに)
Periwinkle Cornflower
Blue in the Face (シリアスストーリー) Lords of Cobalt (あいマジック)
Blue Cobalt
In the Navy Blue (ミッドナイトドリーム) Celadon Celebrity (ツユクサしぐれ)
Navy Blue Celadon
The Green Machine (ブリリアントグリーン) R.W. Emeraldson (エメラルドグリーン)
Cobalt Green Emerald
Green With Envy (リラクゼーションアイ) Think Evergreen (クログリスト)
Green Evergreen
Baby Grass (わび茶エルドラド) In the Nick of Lime (ベビーグラス)
Chartreuse Lime
Who's the Moss (モスフィーバー) Mind Your Peas & Qs (スプリングソング)
Moss Green Pea Green
Myrtle Beach (オリーブパラダイス) Water of the Sea (ライトフェイバー)
Myrtle Aquamarine
Baby It's Blue (たこぶるらー) Cerulean Strength (ないるぶるーす)
Baby Blue Cerulean
Public Denimy (あいねずらー) After Midnight Blue (スタンダードネイビー)
Denim Midnight Blue
Pretty in Pink (チェリーブラッサム) Rosey Posey (ディアローゼ)
Pink Rose
Strawberry Shortcake (ストロベリーダンサー) Stop Your Wining (ワインレッドハート)
Strawberry Wine
Bordeaux Patrol (グレイプス) On Cloud Nine (クラウディー)
Bordeaux Sky Gray
Powder Power (アクアマリン) Sky High (スカイハイ)
Powder Blue Cyan
Terrific Turquoise (オーシャンウィンド) Indigo Curls (ネイディブ伝説)
Turquoise Indigo
Mighty Silverback (パールクラウディー) When Skies are Gray (オーバーグレー)
Silver Gray
BBQ Grill (ベリースーティー) Always Bet on Black (オールブラックス)
Charcoal Black
Driven Snow (ピュアホワイト)

2-color combinations. Each one is worth 40 points.

Brazilian Flag (ブラジリアン) Argentine Flag (アルゼンチン)
Yellow Powder Blue
Green White
Japanese Flag (ジャパニーズ) Cookies & Cream (カンコンソウサイ)
Red Black
White White
Chocolate Eclair (チョコレートクリーム) Red Light, Green Light (ハデハレーション)
Cream Red
Brown Green
Brian Lantana Plant (ツヨハレーション) Purplely Orange (スゴハレーション)
Yellow Orange
Grape Purple
Here Comes the Sun (ぽかぽかホットカラー) Heavyweight Champion (ほっこりホットカラー)
Yellow Yellow
Orange Red
Burning Up (ぬくぬくホットカラー) Cool as a Cucumber (コールドカラー水)
Orange Baby Blue
Red Cerulean
As Cool as Ice (コールドカラー氷) Cold Dark Night (コールドカラー夜)
Cerulean Baby Blue
Denim Denim
Echoes of Nature (真ニューターカラー) High Contrast (ニューターカラーEX)
Blue Grape
Green Green
Lively Divisions (ニューターカラー極) Pitch-Dark (ネイビーヘビーカラー)
Mauve Blue
Green Black
Black Heavy Colors (ブラックヘビーカラー) Chocolate Chip Cookie (チョコベビーカラー)
Brown Brown
Blue Black
Light Cream Colors (クリームライトカラー) Light Baby Colors (ベビーライトカラー)
Cream Cream
Baby Pink Powder Blue
Pretty Pastels (ピンクライトカラー) Warning Colors (ワーニングカラー)
Baby Pink Yellow
Powder Blue Black

3-color combinations. Each one is worth 50 points.

Traffic Light (シグナルカラー) Tulip Colors (チューリップカラー)
Yellow Yellow
Red Red
Green White
Christmas Colors (クリスマスカラー) All-American (フレンチ)
Red Red
Green Blue
White White
Jamaican Flag (ジャマイカン) Pioneer Darkness (元祖ダークネス)
Yellow Brown
Green Blue
Black Myrtle
Source Darkness (本家ダークネス) Original Darkness (ダークネスオリジナル)
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
Bordeaux Charcoal
Pioneer Lightness (元祖ライトネス) Source Lightness (本家ライトネス)
Cream Cream
Beige Beige
Baby Pink Celadon
Original Lightness (ライトネスオリジナル) Passionate Colors (パッション)
Cream Yellow
Beige Orange
Cornflower Red

4-color combinations. Each one is worth 60 points.

Chic Moderate (シックモデレート) Smart Moderate (スマートモデレート)
Gray Silver
Charcoal Gray
Black Charcoal
White White
Stylish Moderate (ハイカラモデレート) Fairy Tale Colors (とてもメルヘンチック)
Sky Gray Baby Pink
Gray Puce
Charcoal Red
White Pink
Candy Colors (すごくメルヘンチック) Fantasy Colors (ステキメルヘンチック)
Baby Pink Baby Pink
Puce Puce
Red Red
Strawberry Rose
Adult Charming (アダルトチャーミング) Signs of Spring (スプリングス)
Lavender Cobalt Green
Grape Emerald
Mauve Green
Cornflower Lime
Greenhouse Effect (エバーグリーングリン) Not Easy Being Green (エバーグリーンリーン)
Celadon Celadon
Evergreen Evergreen
Chartreuse Chartreuse
Moss Green Pea Green
Turn Over a New Leaf (エバーエバーグリーン) Strictly Formal (かっちりフォーマル)
Celadon Blue
Evergreen Midnight Blue
Chartreuse Black
Myrtle White
Relaxed Formal (きっちりフォーマル) Somewhat Formal (ぴっちりフォーマル)
Blue Blue
Navy Blue Navy Blue
Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
Black White

5-color combinations. Each one is worth 70 points.

Olympic Colors (オリンピック) Powersuit Heroes (ゴヒーロー)
Yellow Yellow
Red Baby Pink
Green Red
Powder Blue Purple
Black Green

Fashion Battle TitlesEdit

Titles earned by winning in Fashion Battles.

  1. Noob Designer
  2. Noob+ Designer
  3. Noob++ Designer
  4. Rookie Designer
  5. Designer Apprentice
  6. Looks Like a Designer
  7. Almost a Designer
  8. Designer?
  9. Designer
  10. Stylish Designer
  11. Not Bad Designer
  12. Competent Designer
  13. Well-Known Designer
  14. Veteran Designer
  15. Good Designer
  16. Great Designer
  17. In-demand Designer
  18. Excellent Designer
  19. Charismatic Designer
  20. Jolly Designer
  21. Fierce Designer
  22. Design Wizard
  23. Solid Designer
  24. Natural Born Designer
  25. Popular Designer
  26. Genius Designer
  27. Explosive Designer
  28. King of Designers
  29. Super Designer
  30. Wonderful Designer
  31. Legendary Designer
  32. Godly Designer

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