XIP Cover 3 (TMR)

Front cover of group image song CD

Power Move is an image song performed by the idol unit X.I.P. (Kyoya Date, Kento Fuwa, and Toru Kanzaki) in Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆. Released in February 12, 2014, it stars Toru as the main singer.


Lyrics: Masanori Oouchi
Composition: Shouichirou Hirata


お前 は気付いてない
自分の 女の魅力
ちょっと 人見知りなら
コート を脱いだならば
その髪 ほどいてやろう
心 のホックを外し
俺が エスコートするから
何も 怖がる事なんかないさ
Breaking down!
俺の 言うよう動いて
Shaking Hand! Shaking Hand!
So Shake! More Shake!
嫌な事も 忘れるさ
お前は My Winter Dancing Queen
Shaking Roll! Shaking Roll!
So Roll, More Roll!
Floor中 お前とPower Move
まるで 子供のように
はしゃごう! 今を楽しもう!
結構 リズム感いいね
お前 は目覚めたんだ
女は 美しいんだ
もっと 次のステップ
踊り 疲れたらなら俺の
腕の 中で眠ればいい そして
Come Running!
お前 の言うよう動こう
Love Punch! Love Punch!
So Punch! More Punch!
俺は Knockout
お前なしじゃ 生きられない
お前なしじゃ 動けない
Love Kick! Love Kick!
So Kick! More Kick!
Club中 お前とPower Move
Moonsault! Moonsault!
So Moon! More Moon!
俺の愛は 危険技
Acrobatic, You are my Dancing Queen
Backflip! Backflip!
So Flip, More Flip!
日本中 お前とPower Move

omae wa kizui tenai
jibun no onna no miryoku
chotto hitomishirinara
ore ga kara yaburou ka?
kōto wo nuidanaraba
sono kami hodo ite yarou
kokoro no hokku wo hazushi
asamadeodorō yo
ore ga esukōto surukara
nani mo kowagaru koto nanka nai sa
Breaking down!
ore no iu yō ugoite
Shaking hand! Shaking hand!
takaku te wo agete
So Shake! More Shake!
ōkiku furunda
iyanakoto mo wasureru sa
omae wa My Winter Dancing Queen
Shaking Roll! Shaking Roll!
X.I.P de Jump!
So Roll, More Roll!
maware Record
Floor chū omae to Power Move
marude kodomo no yō ni
hashagou! Ima wo tanoshimou!
kekkō rizumu kan ī ne
gēmu de kitaeta na
omae wa mezameta nda
onna wa utsukushī nda
motto tsugi no suteppu
karada de oboeyou
odori tsukaretaranara ore no
ude no naka de nemureba ī soshite
Come Running!
omae no iu yō ugokou
Love Punch! Love Punch!
kobushi wo tsukiage
So Punch! More Punch!
ore wa Knockout
omae nashi ja iki rarenai
omae nashi ja ugokenai
Love Kick! Love Kick!
otoko no kokoro wo
So Kick! More Kick!
uchinuku onna
Club chu omae to Power Move
Moonsault! Moonsault!
yozora wo tobou yo
So Moon! More Moon!
omae to tobu nda
ore no ai wa kiken waza
Acrobatic, You are my Dancing Queen
Backflip! Backflip!
X.I.P de Jump!
So Flip, More Flip!
odori akasou!
nihonjū omae to Power Move

You aren't aware of
your self's charm as a girl
If you are a bit shy with strangers,
Let me break that shell of yours?
Take off your coat,
I'll untie your hair
Remove the hook of your heart
Dance till the break of dawn
'Cos I'll escort you
There is nothing to be afraid of
Breaking down!
Move as I say
Shaking hands! Shaking hands!
Raise you hands up high
So shake! More shake!
Make a great shake
Forget all about the unpleasant stuff
You're my winter dancing queen
Shaking roll! Shaking roll!
Jump with the X.I.P.
So roll, more roll!
Spin the record
In the middle of the floor with you and the Power Move
Be like a child
Get crazy! Let's have fun now!
Feel tremendous sensation of the rhythm
You've probably upskilled with this game
You're awake
This girl is appealing
More to the next step
Let's xperience it with ourselves
If you're tired from dancing
Just sleep here in my arms
Come running!
I'll move as you say
Love punch! Love punch!
Throw your fists up
So punch! More punch!
I'll be knocked out
I can't live without you
I can't move without you
Love kick! Love kick!
At the man's heart
So kick! More kick!
With the girl's knock
In the middle of the club with you and the Power Move
Moonsault! Moonsault!
Blast off to the night sky
So moon! More moon!
Fly with me
There's hazardous technique in my love
Acrobatic. You are my dancing queen
Back flip! Back flip!
Jump with the X.I.P.
So flip, more flip!
Dance till the morning light!
Throughout Japan with you and the Power Move

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