In Prey the Stars, abilities are obtained once the player's character has eaten three objects of the same elemental property. They can be triggered at any time by tapping the R button.

This method may alternatively unlock the Morph skill, which turns the player's character into an invincible giant capable of eating anything on the map for a few seconds.

Icon English Japanese Element Ability Description
Monster Ability 1 (PTS) Shock ショック None Blasts all nearby rivals with an energy shockwave.
In-Depth Notes: This ability knocks away nearby opponents and reduces their stomach gauge by one level. It also works well against transformed monsters, reverting them back to their original form in an instant.
Monster Ability 2 (PTS) Shrink スモール None Magically shrinks all rivals for a few moments.
In-Depth Notes: Monsters affected by this ability move much slower, cannot eat objects, and can be squashed by larger creatures. Effects last for about ten seconds.
Monster Ability 3 (PTS) Steal ヨコドリ None Drains ability from rival and grants it to the user.
In-Depth Notes: By all means, this ability cannot be used to steal morphing abilities which activate automatically.
Monster Ability 4 (PTS) Bomb バクダン None Shoots a bomb which attaches itself onto the target.
In-Depth Notes: Once the bomb detonates, the user will lose 10 points and be knocked down momentarily. Any monster caught within the explosion's range will also be affected. The bomb itself can be transferred to another monster via biting before it can explode.
Monster Ability 5 (PTS) Absorb キュウシュウ None Drains points and stomach gauge levels from nearby foes.
In-Depth Notes: This ability launches nearby objects into the air for a few seconds.
Monster Ability 6 (PTS) Flame フレイム Fire Sets nearby opponents aflame with a burst of fire.
In-Depth Notes: Reduces the victim's score by 10 points while crippling their stats and mobility. Also reverses their controls temporarily.
Monster Ability 7 (PTS) Wave ウエーブ Water Flushes rivals off the map with a tidal wave attack.
In-Depth Notes: This ability launches objects within range into the air for a few seconds.
Monster Ability 8 (PTS) Thunder サンダー Electric Sends a thunder ball to follow a foe with the highest score.
In-Depth Notes: Any monster hit by this attack will lose 10 points and have their eating abilities hampered momentarily.
Monster Ability 9 (PTS) Speed マッハ Wind Allows user to run at high speeds and defy gravity.
In-Depth Notes: Players affected by this ability can knock other monsters away while roaming.
Monster Ability 10 (PTS) Slash カッター Steel Shoots a spinning blade which reduces the target's score.
In-Depth Notes: Halves the score of any monster within its path. Be forewarned that this ability can be deflected back to the user if the target guards against it.
Monster Ability 11 (PTS) Fire Morph ヘンシン (火) Fire Transforms into a fire elemental monster.
In-Depth Notes: Self-explanatory.
Monster Ability 12 (PTS) Water Morph ヘンシン (水) Water Transforms into a water elemental monster.
In-Depth Notes: Self-explanatory.
Monster Ability 13 (PTS) Electric Morph ヘンシン (電) Electric Transforms into an electric elemental monster.
In-Depth Notes: Self-explanatory.
Monster Ability 14 (PTS) Wind Morph ヘンシン (風) Wind Transforms into a wind elemental monster.
In-Depth Notes: Self-explanatory.
Monster Ability 15 (PTS) Steel Morph ヘンシン (鋼) Steel Transforms into a steel elemental monster.
In-Depth Notes: Self-explanatory.


When it comes to wielding abilities, one must consider how to use them efficiently in order to gain the upper hand. For example, projectile-based abilities are best employed when the target is preoccupied with eating an object. Note that the user's viewing position also affects the trajectory of these attacks. Abilities with wide coverage are far more effective when more than one opponent is standing on the same spot. Due to the game's hectic nature, such an occurrence may happen more than once. In higher difficulty settings, monsters controlled by the A.I. will often block incoming assaults while moving or standing. This makes using abilities all the more complicated.

In regards to morphing, players are less likely to achieve this feat in every stage unless they prioritize on devouring elemental objects of the same type. The chances of receiving this rare ability are slim unless one wears a skin with the More Form skill. Should a player's character transform into an elemental monster, they must decide whether to pursue the other participants or devour nearby items for extra points. Morphing can also be used together with GABUGABU Time for devastating effect.

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