This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Princess Zelda.

Hyrule WarriorsEdit

  • "We must win! The fate of Hyrule depends on it!"
  • "I will deal with Hyrule's enemies myself!"
  • "Wonderful work!"
  • "Very good! The light hasn't left Hyrule after all!"
  • "You fought well! Victory is ours on this day!"
  • "Fight bravely and Hyrule shall shine brightly once more!"
  • "Ganondorf has stolen Hyrule Castle from us. We will not let him do the same with Hyrule!"
  • "Excellent! Now take care of the other Argorok!"
  • "This way! We must pray to the Great Fairy together!"
  • "The Dark Links are being revived in the Sorceress's Chamber. We must capture it!"
  • "All shadows must eventually meet the light."
  • "Without a base... We have no hope..."
  • "I will not succumb to your attacks!"
  • "Victory is a step away! Finish him!"
  • "Everything is prepared for our plan! Let us begin!"
  • "We can defeat any enemy as long as we work together as one!'
  • "Magnificent! Now take the central keep!"
  • "Capture both the Central and East Field Keeps, and close the gates!"
  • "Quickly! Help me break down the wall!"
  • "I'm going to prepare a strategy for this battle. For now, I need you to capture that keep!"
  • "Sometimes you must breathe, relax, and enjoy yourself a bit."
  • "A most impressive display! Victory is within our reach!"
  • "Great work, Link!"
  • "Impa, that is the Statue of Servitude! Please awaken it!"
  • "Well done! Thank you all for your brave efforts!"
  • "I feel an evil presence nearby..."
  • "Link... thank you for your courage. You saved me from a terrible fate!"
  • "I refuse to run from you! Face me and do battle!"
  • "I understand. May the goddesses protect you!"

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