Puma (left) and Puma AC30 (right).

Puma (プーマ) is U-1's versatile talking canine friend in Gitaroo-Man. He is voiced by Ryan Drees in the English version and by Mitsuo Iwata in the Japanese port.

Role in GameEdit

For as long as U-1 can remember, Puma has been living with him. U-1 thinks Puma as his best friend rather than a pet. When asked when exactly he was born or when he came to U-1's home, Puma states that even he can't remember. Throughout most of the game, Puma has a better grasp of his surroundings than U-1 does, and he even considers U-1's skateboarding dreams as a hopeless pursuit. His favorite food are doughnuts and he loves asking U-1 to get him some during their free time.

To prepare U-1 for the future, Puma teaches his friend how to use a Gitraoo. Once U-1 gets the hang of it, Puma gives his friend the legendary Gitaroo that was stored within his body. He continues to give his friend advice throughout the game. Each time U-1 transforms into Gitaroo-Man, Puma transforms into a boom-box, named Puma AC30, to amplify his friend's jams. Through reasons not entirely known, Puma can project Elder Miranda's digital transmission from his eyes, can pilot the Woofer Jet, and knows the location of Planet Gitaroo.

When they crash land on Planet Gitaroo, they sleep for the night. Puma is kidnapped by Zowie the next day and a worried U-1 goes to save him. A stray ball of energy from the Sanbone Trio sets him free, and Puma immediately hands U-1 his Gitaroo. As the trio falls, Puma congratulates his friend's lone effort and sees him in a better light. After U-1 defeats Zowie, Puma pilots the Woofer Jet with both of them back to earth.

Woofer JetEdit

Woofer Jet (ウーハージェット) is a popular transportation device used on the Planet Gitaroo. It features steering controls for both compartments. How Puma kept it hidden on earth is unknown, but he forces U-1 to go into the machine as they head to Planet Gitaroo. It also features a transforming attack mode called the Woofer-Mazing (ウーハーマジン). It features a transparent section of its torso as the cockpit, which is what Gitaroo-man uses to battle Ben-K. The Woofer Machine used to be a super advanced artificial intelligence robot 1,000 years or so in the past, but it apparently was dismantled for some reason. Its history is said to be the cause for its occasional odd movements.

The Woofer Jet is also the favorite character of D, the head of the official Japanese website.


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