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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Rachel.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Need a hunter? Look no further."
  • "I yearn to see the light of dawn."
  • "The enemy will remember the name of the fiend hunter."
  • "I have done what was necessary."
  • "This is more than enough for one day."
  • "You want this, don't you? You have to promise to take good care of it, okay?"
  • "Good work!"
  • "A pity..."
  • "I really crushed some souls out there, didn't I?"
  • "There are fiends who need hunting, and yet I am not called upon..."
  • "It is nice to know that I am needed here in this world too."
  • "I cannot afford to let my guard down... But maybe I can relax once in a while."
  • "Another enemy hunted down."
  • "No-one shall stand in my path."
  • "Outstanding. Your strength is truly beguiling."
  • "Lianshi, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "To think that I'd be praising the strength of a fiend..."
  • "You fight well, for a fiend."
  • "Just what I'd expect from you on the battlefield, Ryu."
  • "Ugh, I have to make it through this!"
  • "It is clear which of us deserves to triumph, and which deserves to disappear."
  • "An outstanding effort."
  • "Fine work."
  • "You came to help me?"
  • "You came to my aid?"
  • "I will defeat you."
  • "Argh... I won't forget this."
  • "Such great strength."
  • "So you're here to lend your assistance?"
  • "A demon's strength is little more than an illusion."
  • "I am ashamed to accept the help of a demon..."
  • "It's difficult for me to praise the efforts of a demon."
  • "Time for you to put that power to good use."
  • "Ryu, I knew I could count on you."
  • "Ryu! You're here to help me?"
  • "Outstanding. I must also rise to the occasion."
  • "Not bad at all. Show our enemy who's boss!"
  • "You came here to help me? I was fine on my own, but thanks anyway."
  • "You've come to assist? Well then, help me take care of these fools."
  • "I will crush you. Consider this your final battle."
  • "Argh... I may have lost, but next time will be a different story."
  • "Such strength. I wonder where it comes from?"
  • "So you were planning to waltz in and help everyone? Well, I suppose some people might be impressed with that."
  • "A demon's strength is little more than an illusion. But perhaps you are different?"
  • "To accept the help of a demon...? Well, I suppose I have little choice in this land."
  • "Though I'd rather not enlist the help of a demon, I'd be foolish to turn down such strength."
  • "Now, will you use that strength you possess to assist me?"
  • "No matter where you fight, your strength is unparalleled, Ryu."
  • "Ryu, you came to help! Now we can go on the offensive."
  • "Impressive as always. With you by my side, even the most demonic of fiends will not stand in our way."
  • "Even better than I'd expected. I wonder what you have in store for us next?"
  • "I don't want to admit it... but I've been waiting for your help."
  • "I'm so glad you came. Right now, we need you more than ever."
  • "So we must face each other? Fate can be so cruel."
  • "Losing to you would mean... No, forget I said anything."
  • "You're willing to fight to protect what's important... There's more to you than just compassion."
  • "I won't put you in harm's way. I don't want to hurt those close to me."
  • "I knew I could count on you. Your ability is truly unique."
  • "Even though you're a demon, I'm glad you came. Now, help me turn this battle around."
  • "Such tremendous power. You might even be able to handle my weapons."
  • "Even though you're a demon, you're here to help me? In that case, I shall use your strength."
  • "That's the Dragon Ninja! Such captivating skills... My heart is quite taken by them."
  • "Well, it looks like you've helped me out a few times now. I'm so grateful to you."
  • "Whoever you are, I won't go easy on you."
  • "You're not bad... but the real fight starts now."
  • "Now you've made me mad. You will regret this!"
  • "I will make you realize that you should never show compassion in war."
  • "Compassion only deludes people... and yet you persist?"
  • "So your compassion is the source of your power... Was I mistaken?"
  • "You will kneel before me, demon."
  • "Such strength... Still, I will not yield to you."
  • "Argh... you will never defeat me!"
  • "I shall crush you."
  • "Such stubbornness... Do you really enjoy being humiliated?"
  • "Begone, demon. Back to the depths with you!"
  • "Ryu... I never thought I'd be facing you."
  • "Ryu... your skill truly is unmatched."
  • "This is it... Now you will see my true power!"
  • "Come, face me. I shall destroy you."
  • "I will. I promise you will remember this day."
  • "You will fall before me, demon."
  • "No, it is you who will be crushed."
  • "So be it. I will brand you with the ignominy of defeat!"

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