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Character Information
Allegiance(s): Sindhura
Prince (formerly)
Gadevi (brother)
Karikala II (father)
Middle sword
Voice Actor(s):
Non-playable character

Rajendra (ラジェンドラ) is a major character in The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is first seen leading a group of about ten thousand Sindhuran troops to Peshawar Castle, hoping to outfox his brother Gadevi. On his invasion, he is thwarted by Narsus's strategy and captured by Arslan. Arslan then proposes an alliance in return for getting Rajendra to the throne. Upon seeing Rajendra's troops, some of Arslan's comrades feeling untrustworthy of the Sindhuran prince.

On their campaign in Sindhura, Rajendra found himself surrounded by forces led by Pradalata. Narsus rescues the soldiers, while Daryun took the enemy commander by surprise. At the war council, Rajendra proposes splitting the forces in two, to attack Gadevi from two directions. At Chandigarh, Gadevi tries to get Rajendra to surrender his white horse, but the young prince refuses and begins to fight his brother. Arslan rides to save his ally, then beats Gadevi's war elephant battalions.

At the capital of Uraiyur, to try to bring an end to the Sindhuran civil war, Karikala II plans a duel before the gods. Rajendra arranges for Daryun to fight as his proxy. Although Daryun kills the challenger, Bahadur, Gadevi still does not accept defeat. However, despite the odds, Arslan still protects the younger prince. After becoming the new Shah, Rajendra orders Gadevi's execution and holds his followers complicit with treason.

Later, Jaswant suspects a plot by Rajendra to assassinate Arslan. For a second time, Rajendra falls for Narsus's plot and is captured. After the fighting, Rajendra agrees to a non-aggression treaty with Pars.

Role in GameEdit

In the Free Mode stage "Clash with the Parsian Army", Jaswant aids Rajendra after he has advanced too far ahead.


Rajendra is an excitable man who never seems to notice the dangers ahead himself. However, he is also friendly.


See also: Rajendra/Quotes

Fighting StyleEdit

Rajendra uses the Middle Sword style, but has a unique special move. He points his sword out, then does two hard diagonal slashes making a fiery X, then pieces his sword out with enough force to knock enemies away.

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