Red Boy
Character Information
Mythological Information
Real name:
Hóng Hár
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Boy Sage King (聖嬰大王)
Divine name(s):

Red Boy (紅孩児, onyomi: Kōgaiji) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. He tries to attack Sanzo's party throughout chapters two and three.

Role in GameEdit

Kid Pyric is King Taurus's and Madame Tessen's only son. Aspiring to become a devil, he runs away from his home during the time his parents spend trying to capture Sanzo. Mahoraga overhears his ambition and bestows him a taste of a Devil's powers. From the Devil, Pryric learns Asura's name and is devoted to his new life of carnage. Pyric is instructed by the green haired one to capture Sanzo's staff as a sort of initiation rite.

Pyric tries to top the pilgrim's party at Deadman Gorge yet fails to overcome them. Therefore, he stalks the party as they head back to his home, Storm Mountain. Moments after his father decides to give up tyranny, Pyric robs the divine staff from Sanzo and heads into India. The monk's party and the boy's parents pursue him to volcanic Star Cave. In a short argument, Pyric accidentally drops the staff into the lava below. Sanzo laments for the holy staff only to be pleased seconds later when it levitates back to him/her. Infuriated by his loss, Pyric retaliates by attacking the monk again. After his defeat, Taurus is upset his son continues to rant about converting to a demon and seals his son within a gem prison.

The boy doesn't make an appearance again until his father lets him out after Asura's defeat. By then, Pyric has changed his mind and wants his family to be together again.


Although he still loves his mother, he is sick of his father's stupidity and thus hated his monster origins. He thought becoming a Devil, an entity new and unknown to him, could help break the mold set for him. Inheriting the fighting spirit and stubbornness of his parents, it's hard to convince Pyric to see anything beyond his desires.

Fighting StyleEdit

Pyric has two main attacks that he tries to use to defeat the party. One is Firebomb, a group spell that can hit a radius of three squares in range. The other is a normal stab from his spear that hits nearby allies once. His AI is rather simple as he'll cast Firebomb until he runs out of MP before he resorts to using his weapon. Neither attack does much damage and he'll venture on his own will towards the party once his magic runs out. With average defense and meager health, Pyric shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Journey to the WestEdit


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