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Lu Bu riding Red Hare.

Red Hare (赤兔馬, Chìtù mǎ (Chinese), Sekitoba (onyomi)) is a horse from the Three Kingdoms era, said to have a startling red mane and speed as quick as any rabbit. It is speculated to be a Ferghana horse though a very large one. It was fabled to have been a swift and powerful stallion able to run 1,000 li (li is an old Chinese unit. One li is about 500 meters) in a single day and 800 li in a single night.

In the games, it is the fastest horse and the default mount for Lu Bu and Guan Yu, the latter riding it even in levels before the former's death, such as Hulao Gate.

In the 3rd installment, it was well-known that most of the time, the player's rank would not be high enough to ride the horse, thus it would always knock them off, even if they were Lu Bu. However, a select few were able to ride even the CPU Lu Bu's Red Hare in the Challenge mode stages, such as Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao.

Background InfoEdit

Red Hare is mentioned in the Records of the Three Kingdoms when Lu Bu was temporarily serving Yuan Shao and was forced to defend himself from Wen Chou's attack. It is said that Lu Bu always rode with Red Hare through the enemy camp until he was stopped by Zhang Yan. Additionally, the annotated Cao Cao's biography in the Records of the Three Kingdoms also contained the phrase: "Among men, Lü Bu; among horses, Red Hare" (人中呂布,馬中赤兔) when describing Lu Bu's prowess in battle.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Red Hare was one of Dong Zhuo's treasured horses who could run a thousand li a day. He was given to Lu Bu in exchange for his service. After his death, the horse was put into Cao Cao's care yet no man in their army could tame him. Hoping to gain his services, Cao Cao presented the mount to Guan Yu who tamed and gladly accepted the generous offering. When Guan Yu was executed, Red Hare was given to Ma Zhong as a reward, but he refused to eat and died.

How to UnlockEdit

Red Hare also appears as a special horse in the G1 Jockey series.

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