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Character Information
Prime Minister's Forces
Family Members:
Voice Actors:
James Taylor (EN)
Alessandro Ricci and Massimo Marinoni (IT)
Naoki Imamura (JP)

Relics (兵士, Soldiers) are non-playable enemies who appear during Destrega's Story Mode. They are Zauber's minions whom follow his orders without question. All of them are equipped with mass-produced Relics to kill or incapacitate their targets.


Physical AttacksEdit

Square, Square, Square, Square: Performs three punches followed by a single kick.
Tri: Does a quick knee kick.

Magical Attacks (Private Relics)Edit

Square: Shoots a thin wave of energy right at the opponent.
Tri: Sends out a large energy wave homing in on the opponent.
Circle: Hurls three energy waves simultaneously.
Square, Tri, Circle: Shoots a large blue beam of energy towards the opponent.

Magical Attacks (Elite Relics)Edit

Square: Fires a single homing laser towards the opponent.
Tri: Shoots a large fireball traveling at moderate speed.
Circle: Hurls three purple fireballs traveling at different directions
Square, Tri, Circle: Shoots a large purple beam of energy right at the opponent.


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