Rezin Schnyder
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Allegiance(s): Neo Zeon
Mobile Suit(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2
Voice Actors:
Lisa Ann Beley (EN)
Kazue Ikura (JP)
Non-playable pilot

Rezin Schnyder (レズン・シュナイダー) is a veteran ace without Newtype abilities. Taking pride in her own techniques and experience, she holds noticeable prejudice towards Gyunei Guss and Quess Paraya for being Newtypes. They in turn dislike her, Gyunei believes himself superior, while Quess thinks that she cozied up to Char to reach her position. When launched during the early battle in the movie, she immobilizes Kayra Su's Mobile Suit with her superb piloting, and destroys the Ra Cailum's bulkhead. During the second wave near the Axis Asteroid, Rezin commences a solo charge to bombard the Federation front. While flying near the Ra Cailum and dealing heavy damage, she is shot down by a gun turret manned by Chan Agi. Unaware of the Psychoframe helping Chan, Rezin spends her last moments in utter shock while her cockpit explodes around her.

Mission ModeEdit

As soon as the player makes one of their characters a natural Newtype, they will likely receive a message from Rezin. She awkwardly requests the newly awakened Newtype to show her why the "next evolutionary step for humanity" deserves special attention. With no one else to turn to, she asks them. The player may want to become friends with her to unlock Parts 4s for her Geara Doga model.

Rezin can randomly appear as an enemy with Quess and Gyunei to form a Geara Doga squadron; she is the last one to arrive. The players are asked to stop their rendezvous on the field.


As a survivor from the war front, Rezin does not think the conflict between the Federation and Neo Zeon as anything special and treats it as another war under her belt. Her views regarding Earth are never explored, yet her distrust for the young Newtype pilots personifies the concept of Char's army not completely accepting an utopia for Newtypes. Displaying a malignant addiction for fighting, Rezin is confident that she can take any pilot down. As far as her actual personality, Rezin is sarcastic, hot-headed, and rude in general, rebuking Nanai's well wishes with a mocking "Oh gee, thanks a lot!" Also, when it is remarked that she doesn't follow orders and just does what she wants on the battlefield, she dissmisses the mechanics by simply saying "Yeah, whatever."


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Alternate MSEdit

When the player finishes select missions throughout Mission Mode in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, they will unlock the ability to see characters in specific Mobile Suits during missions. These can either force the particular ace to become weaker or pilot another MS from another Gundam saga. The particular trait and MS for these conditions listed below are ones afflicting Rezin.

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