Rick Dom
Rick Dias (DWG3)
Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam
Main Pilot(s): n/a
Height: 18.6 meters
Weight: 78.6 tonnes
Weapon(s): 360mm Giant Bazooka
Chest spread beam gun
Heat saber
Beam bazooka
120mm Sub machine gun
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

MS-09R Rick Dom (MS-09R リック・ドム) is Zeon's second generation of mass-produced Mobile Suits. Rick Dom is devised during the latter half of the One Year War to counter the common usage of beam weapons found throughout the Federation's front lines. Due to the success of their Dom in terrestrial combat, engineers hurried to devise a revised version of the Mobile Suit fit for space combat. By slapping on thrusters that withstand atmospheric pressure, the Rick Dom is born.

Aside from being based on the Dom, Rick Dom borrows technology used for the second generation of Zakus to improve its speed. Since the parts for Rick Dom are devised to be cheaper but just as efficient as its predecessors, they quickly became cost-effective members for space fleets. Rick Dom has been reported to have capabilities that far surpass any Zaku.

Even so, it's overall performance isn't as stellar as other mass-produced Mobile Suits, such as the well balanced Gelgoog. However, since the Zeon forces were desperate, engineers sought to counter the Rick Dom's flaws by giving it heavier firepower.

Battle DataEdit

Since it's a Mobile Suit utilized for NPCs, players cannot actually use the Rick Dom for themselves. Its actions in battle mirrors the Dom's with little alteration. Rick Doms primarily appear in space battles in the first two games of the series and can be spotted by their violet and black color scheme.

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