Rickert (BBH)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Band of the Hawk
166 cm (5'5")
61 kg (134 lbs)
Voice Actor(s):
Minako Kotobuki

Rickert (リッケルト, Rikkeruto) is a secondary character in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

Rickert is a boy soldier and the youngest member of the Band of the Hawk who rivals Judeau's skill and ingenuity. He isn't fully aware of the drama that surrounds Guts's inclusion into their group, so Rickert warmly accepts him as one of their own.

He stays with the Band of the Hawk after Griffith's imprisonment. Rickert has an injured arm before the others rescue Griffith, so he stays behind with the wounded in a separate unit. While he is spared from the Eclipse, the separate unit is still wiped out by Apostles, or demonic monstrosities which emerge as an effect of the Eclipse. Like Guts and Casca, he is saved by Skull Knight's intervention; they are the only surviving members of the Band of the Hawk.

Rickert studies under the blacksmith Godo and helps look after Casca. To aid Guts's fight against the Apostles, Rickert designs and outfits his friend with bombs and the cannon for Guts's prosthetic arm. He also creates a memorial ground for his deceased comrades. When Rickert nears adulthood, his master dies; with Casca in Guts's care, Rickert decides to travel with his master's adopted daughter, Erica. It's only then that he learns the truth about the Eclipse and Griffith from Guts.



  • "I want to get something nourishing to my friends! Could you help me find all the ingredients?"
  • "It is so vexing! If only I could do something to avenge everyone like Guts..."
  • "Isn't there something I can do... Even though I can't leave these mountains..."
  • "I can do it when I really try!"
  • "I said I can do it when I really try!"
  • "I won't let you win easily!"
  • "All right! I'll do my best!"
  • "I'll assist you!"
  • "Let's do this together!"
  • "I'm one of the Hawks too!"
  • "It worked!"
  • "We have to be brave!"
  • "I'll try this one more time!"
  • "Are you going to help me? Thank you!"
  • "That's Guts for you! Incredible!"
  • "Griffith can see through everything!"
  • "Amazing, Judeau! They're just dropping like flies!"
  • "No waay... That's too strong!"
  • "I'm sorry... they got me..."


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