This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Riddhe Marcenas.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornEdit

  • "They wouldn't listen to reason! Riddhe Mercenas, here I go!"
  • "Riddhe Marcenas, Romeo 008, ready to launch!"
  • "Rest up. I'll handle this."
  • "It's no use talking to that pilot. I have to destroy them."
  • "A feisty one... Perfect!"
  • "Incredible...! Did I really do that?"
  • "You can't fight reality!"
  • "There, you've got an excuse! Now get out of here!"
  • "Good work. The enemy field is ours."
  • "That's right. I'm trapped. I'll never be able to escape this cursed blood!"
  • "I can't escape my family's curse. Is this just more useless struggling?"
  • "Even if I don't have the power to save the world, I'm still a True Gundam Dynasty Warrior!"
  • "So this is a Gundam...!"
  • "Are you okay? Don't worry, I'll handle this."
  • "Gundam! If it wasn't for you... I would have..."
  • "We've got to surround them! Go up!"
  • "Great job. You're everything a pilot should be."
  • "Nice job! Just what I need in a rival!"
  • "These enemies seem far more battle-hardened than terrorists."
  • "We can't rely on possibility... We need to turn things around now."
  • "Would you like to join our side?"
  • "Looks like I can count on you."
  • "Thanks. But I don't want any special treatment."
  • "Thanks. That was pretty sad."
  • "Our point is under attack! Don't forget what it is we're fighting to protect!"
  • "This would never have happened if it hadn't been for you..."
  • "I have to do it. Otherwise, I'll never escape my cursed blood..."
  • "Thank you for treating me as just another pilot!"
  • "Another Newtype?!"
  • "I can never take this back..."
  • "That's right... The system should be defended."
  • "I did it! I've proven myself as a pilot!"

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