Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker
Developer(s): Koei
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: December 10, 2015
Genre: Historical simulation, game creation
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO: CERO A Rating
Platform(s): Windows 7 ~ 10

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker (三国志ツクール, Sangokushi Tkool) is a collaboration title between the makers of the RPG Maker series, Famitsu and Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. It was first revealed by Kou Shibusawa at Tokyo Game Show 2015 as a project to celebrate the series's thirtieth anniversary.

The game is so far only available on Steam for Japanese operating systems.


At its core, the game is a simplified revamp of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2. It speeds up turn transitions and enhances the PC 8801 graphics. The differences between the revamp are minor:

  • Music selection options are available.
  • An in-game help index for commands, goals and other game terminology is available.
  • Screencap option.
  • Sharing Twitter option.

There are two versions of the game available: the Free Version and the Paid Version. The Free Version locks players from the complete game experience but allows them to still play the revamped Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 experience. Players can play the original game's starting scenario.

The Paid Version includes every possible scenario, the option to play user created content, and customization options. Players can alter each character's names, stats, preferred stat growths, flags and character biographies. If the player has an appropriate image file, they can alter a character's portrait from a preset or something from their computer.

Downloadable content includes character portraits and scenarios.

Related MediaEdit

Nico Nico hosted a video contest for user created scenarios as a part of their NicoNico Indies Game Fest 2016. The grand prize winner receives thirtieth anniversary merchandise signed by Kou Shibusawa. A twenty person study group is scheduled for people attending the event in person.

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