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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, characters can learn skills to boost their combat abilities, increase management efficiency, or allow them to use special ploys against opposing factions.

Skill ListEdit

  • Spy - Increases spy command.
  • Invent - Unlocks advanced weapons with the forge command.
  • Tame - Unlocks creation of Elephant riders at Yong Chang.
  • Trade - Gives a discount when buying from a merchant.
  • Counter - Unlocks counterattacks against ranged attacks.
  • Reversal - Swaps ploys on their user.
  • Aid - Removes effects on allied soldiers.
  • Scout - Removes fog of war and helps find traps.
  • Valor - Units do not take extra damage when surrounded.
  • Charge - Unlocks charge attacks, that hit multiple times.
  • Duel - Allows officer to challenge opponent to a duel.
  • Dash - Grants faster movement for a turn at the cost of troops.
  • Repair - Officer repairs wall during siege.
  • Navy - Grants warriors bonus when fighting from water tiles.
  • Missile - Gives fire arrow attack.
  • Volley - Creates multi -square hitting range attack.
  • Riot - Unlocks the Riot ploy.
  • Wile - Allows for the Chain, Discord, and Lure ploys.
  • Rumor - Unlocks the Rumor and Falsify ploys.
  • Chart - Unlocks the Wind, Weather, and Lightning ploys.
  • Flood - Unlocks the Flood ploy.
  • Rally - Unlocks the Rally ploy.
  • Jeer - Unlocks the Jeer ploy.
  • Sap - Unlocks the Sap ploy.
  • Mystic - Unlocks the Haste, Lightning, Revive, Illusion, Lure, and Falsify ploys.
  • Bless - Unlocks the use of legendary creatures in battle.
  • Zeal - Increases the amount of AP recovered each month.
  • Sturdy - Increases effectiveness of Train and Tutor commands.
  • Doctor - Heals wounded officer the next month and allows the Revive ploy.
  • Oracle - Causes random effects and foresee when officers are near death.
  • Critic - Randomly evaluates visiting officers, increasing fame.
  • Wealth - Increases amount wages are worth and sometimes gives gifts to visiting officers.

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