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Roronoa Zoro
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Straw Hat Pirates
November 11
19 (debut)
21 (post-timeskip)
178 cm (5'10"; debut)
181 cm (5'11 1/2"; post-timeskip)
Three swords:
white sheath: Wadō Ichimonji
red sheath: Sandai Kitetsu
black sheath: Shusui
60,000,000 Beli (first bounty)
120,000,000 Beli (second bounty)
320,000,000 Beli (current bounty)
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:

Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア・ゾロ) is a former bounty hunter and the first member of Luffy's crew. They first meet when he is being held prisoner by a corrupt and draconian marine captain, Morgan, and awaiting his execution date. He is charged for protecting a harmless girl from the marine son's rapid wolf. Luffy respects him and offers Zoro to join him. Despite his initial refusal, Zoro agrees when Luffy keeps his word to retrieve his swords and free him from the firing squad.

Since his youth, Zoro has trained to become a swordsman and was strong enough to defeat opponents twice his size. The only opponent he couldn't defeat was the dojo's daughter, Kuina, who he furiously challenged time and time again. During their final duel together, they confide their respective dreams to become the best swords masters in the world, a goal which they swear to fulfill.

When she unexpectedly dies, he is given Kuina's sword, Wadō Ichimonji, as a keepsake. In her honor, he develops his trademark three sword style and promises to someday make their dream a reality.


Most people's first impressions of Zoro is close to those of a malicious killer. In reality he is a stout believer of honor and might, seeking only to fight if both parties are willing. A proud man of his word, he refuses to resort to trickery in his duels and may even admit his admiration for his opponent's abilities. Zoro hates to lose and can be a reckless daredevil to triumph as the fair victor. Should he see someone in danger, however, Zoro is not above practicing humility to save them.

Outside of fighting and training, he acts as a sound voice of reason for the crew who usually supports Luffy unquestionably. He is always on edge when meeting new people and remains cautious to those he can't trust. However, Zoro can also be notoriously lazy and borderline narcoleptic. His sense of direction is staggering as he can become completely lost with the simplest of maps or instructions.


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Keys Square Normal Attack • Tri Ranged AttackCircle Special TechniqueX Evade
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square: Oni Giri:
Square, Tri, Tri: Ōtōrō:
Square, Tri, Square, Square: Karasuma Gari:
Square, Tri, Square, Tri: Ōtōrō:
Square, Square, Tri, Square: Oni Giri:
Square, Square, Tri, Tri: 36 Pound Hō:
Square, Square, Square, Tri: Gyūki Yuzume:
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Tatsu Maki:
Tri, Square, Square, Square: Hyō Kin Dama:
Tri, Square, Square, Tri: 36 Pound Hō:
Tri, Square, Tri: 36 Pound Hō:
Tri, Tri, Square: Nigori-Zake:
Holding Tri: Yaki Oni Giri:
Tri, Tri, Tri: 36 Pound Hō:
Circle + Special Ability Gauge Lvl. 1: Santōryū Ōgi - Sanzen Sekai
Circle + Special Ability Gauge Lvl. 2: Ashura: Ichibugin
R1 (Special Skill 1): Ittōryū Iai: Shishi Sonson:
R2 (Special Skill 2): Nitōryū Iai: Rashōmon:
L2 Comrade Strike:
Holding X - Dash.
Pressing X while attacking - Chain.


Square, Square, Square, Square, Square: Asura 9: Lightning Slashes:
Square, Tri, Tri, Tri}: Bird Dance~Raven Hunt~Flying Dragon Blaze
Square, Square, Tri, Tri, Tri: Ultra Tiger Hunt~Oni Giri~360 Pound Phoenix:
Square, Square, Square, Tri: Mark of the Blue dragon Running Water:
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Black Rope Dragon Twister:
Tri, Tri, Tri: Oni Giri~Dragon Twister~360 Pound Phoenix:
Tri, Square, Square, Square: Leopard Spinning Shot~Asura Piercing Drill:
Tri, Tri, Square, Square, Square: Castle Gate~720 Pound Phoenix~1080 Pound Phoenix:
Circle + Special Ability Gauge Lvl. 1: Crossing the Six Paths
Circle + Special Ability Gauge Lvl. 2: Purgatory Oni Giri
R1 (Special Skill): Death Lion Song

Fighting StyleEdit

Zoro uses his own three sword fighting style. When he uses all three swords at once, he places Kuina's sword between his teeth and arms both hands with a respective blade. While in this position, he can twist and curve his upper torso to perform a variety of slashes. If the situation calls for it, he also has techniques specializing with one or two swords. His mighty physical strength and stamina highly contributes to his survival in battle.


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