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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Ryu Hayabusa.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "A storm is brewing..."
  • "Those that stand against me are doomed to fail."
  • "Fade into the depths of oblivion."
  • "Mission accomplished."
  • "That battle was ours from beginning to end."
  • "This is something I obtained during my last mission. You can have it."
  • "I knew you would be successful."
  • "I see you were unable to accomplish your mission."
  • "I defeated many enemy officers in the last battle. Those that stand in my way pay for it with their death."
  • "I have not been given a chance to go to battle lately. I suppose patience must be one of a ninja's virtues..."
  • "I have fought in many battles recently. Even in this world, my destiny to eradicate darkness remains unchanged."
  • "Parties like these really aren't my thing. However, I should probably keep that to myself while I'm here."
  • "Enemy slain."
  • "Darkness is fated to eventually be destroyed..."
  • "A feat that no ordinary man may hope to match."
  • "Ayane, you have fought well."
  • "You have impressive martial, or rather, mystical prowess."
  • "Your wild and carefree style is indeed unrivaled in battle."
  • "The darkness can be destroyed, and yet the shadow remains..."
  • "I still have a mission to complete."
  • "It matters not what face my enemy wears."
  • "Impressive."
  • "Good work."
  • "My apologies."
  • "Unfortunate that you believed me to be struggling."
  • "You cannot defeat me."
  • "I shall withdraw."
  • "Excellent, Ayane."
  • "Ayane... My apologies."
  • "A mysterious, but incredible power."
  • "Zuo Ci, you have come to save me?"
  • "I expected little from such a weapon, but it has proven quite useful."
  • "Benkei, are you here to help me?"
  • "Impressive, shadow."
  • "To be saved by a shinobi of a different style..."
  • "Impressive. None can match you."
  • "Good. I shall be counting on you."
  • "My apologies. I shall repay you by completing this mission."
  • "Unfortunate that you believed me to be struggling. I shall accept your aid, however."
  • "You cannot defeat me. The strength of your spirit has impressed me, however."
  • "I shall withdraw. You are strong, I must admit."
  • "Excellent, Ayane. You have further improved your skills."
  • "Ayane... I regret the inconvenience. I should be the one supporting you."
  • "Impressive. You have complete control of a power beyond that which mortals can understand."
  • "Zuo Ci, you have come to my aid? Your strength will prove useful."
  • "I expected little from such a weapon, but it has proven quite useful... Only due to your own strength, I am sure."
  • "Benkei, you are going to help me? My thanks. Let us reclaim the initiative."
  • "Impressive, shadow. I would expect no less from the head of the Iga Ninja."
  • "To be saved by a shinobi of a different style... I shall remember the name of Hanzō Hattori."
  • "You are doing well to impress me this much."
  • "Far more impressive than I expected. We cannot possibly lose this battle if you are with us."
  • "My apologies. I shall rely on your presence from now on."
  • "You make a fine ally in a dark time. I am not finished yet."
  • "If this encounter cannot be avoided, then I shall end it by my own hand."
  • "This marks the difference between us... I shall hone my skills and return."
  • "The Hajin Mon Sect of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan... You have shown me the strength you possess."
  • "Ayane... I shall not waste words. Please, fight alongside me."
  • "Impressive, Zuo Ci. You are obviously a master of your mysterious art."
  • "You came, Zuo Ci. I need the aid of your mysterious powers."
  • "Impressive, Benkei. Nothing can stand against your might."
  • "I knew you would come, Benkei. Let us combine our strength and crush our foes."
  • "Hanzō, this is where the Iga Ninja shine. You are worthy of praise."
  • "Hanzō, you came to my aid... We must show the world the true strength of the ninja."
  • "I have come from the depths of darkness!"
  • "That's more like it."
  • "You're good... But I'm not backing down!"
  • "Hold nothing back, Ayane! Let's go!"
  • "The Mugen Tenshin's Hajin Mon Sect is truly a force to be feared!"
  • "I will give this battle my all, Ayane! There is much left in this world that I must accomplish!"
  • "I will break through your petty illusions!"
  • "Wait patiently, then strike!"
  • "Your illusions hold no sway over me!"
  • "I am sorry, but I must be on my way!"
  • "Such a greedy monk."
  • "This blade is my soul. It will never leave my side!"
  • "I will not rest until the Iga legend is dead!"
  • "You are a fine ninja. Fighting you is like trying to traverse dark and muddy waters..."
  • "Facing shadows means facing possible death. Now, feel the full force of my techniques!"
  • "I have no choice but to accept this duel."
  • "I will face you, shadow."
  • "Your illusions will not work on me!"
  • "This too is fate, Ayane. Now come!"


  • "Rachel, you are the greatest fiend hunter this land has known."
  • "So the skills of the Dragon Shrine Maiden are even more potent in this strange world."
  • "A true fiend hunter."
  • "Thank you, Rachel."
  • "Impressive, Momiji."
  • "Momiji, you're here."
  • "No one can withstand the ferocity of a true fiend hunter."
  • "Thank you, Rachel. Together, we will overcome these odds."
  • "Impressive, Momiji. Your diligent training stands you in good stead."
  • "Momiji, you're here. Please lend me your assistance."
  • "Magnificent, Rachel. Fiend blood may flow in your veins, but you are a noble fighter."
  • "I've been waiting for you, Rachel. Together, defeat is impossible!"
  • "Excellent, Momiji, as I would expect. Your presence brings hope even to this strange realm."
  • "So the day has arrived when I am rescued by my student... Regardless, I give you my thanks."
  • "Do not hold back, Rachel. I wish to test your might."
  • "Not bad at all. Battling fiends would appear to be good training."
  • "Excellent, Rachel... but can you cope with this?"
  • "Allow me to test the might of the Dragon Shrine Maiden."
  • "Good, Momiji. Just what I would expect from the guardian of the Eye of the Dragon."
  • "Outstanding, Momiji. Now let us see how you conclude things."
  • "This is the perfect opportunity to compare our skills."
  • "Then let us fight and see how much you have learned."

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