Character Information
Allegiance(s): Hilmes
Pars (formerly)
Cavalry General
Voice Actor(s):
Hiroshi Yanaka

Sām (サーム) is a secondary antagonist in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

During the Battle of Atropatene Plains, he commanded Ecbatana defenses with Garshasph. He is injured and learns Hilmes's secret during his recovery. Swearing loyalty to him, Saam serves as Hilmes's trusted strategist.


Wise and respectable Saam is duty bound to his own principles. Unlike Zandeh, his defeat to Hilmes deeply wounded his pride. He joins the rogue prince in search of a worthy grave, unable and unwilling to waste his talents through suicide. Kubard sympathizes with him.


See also: Saam/Quotes

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