This is a lit of commonly heard quotes from Saam.

Arslan: The Warriors of LegendEdit

  • "Another shameful mark against my name."
  • "You have done well to hold out! I shall aid you now!"
  • "If you wish to keep breathing, you'd better do it elsewhere."
  • "Now is our chance! Attack, with all your might!"
  • "This is all for the sake of Pars! Attack!"
  • "You are nothing less than a true and mighty mardan."
  • "Your deeds have impressed me greatly."
  • "This is for you. I hope you can make use of it."
  • "I shall do all that I can, as a mardan of Pars!"
  • "You are worthy of being called a true mardan."
  • "I'm coming to rely heavily on your strength."
  • "This is for you. It will help you become even stronger."
  • "Observe carefully and a chance for victory will present itself."
  • "Kubard, you are a true mardan."
  • "Kubard, most impressive. Having you on my side is most reassuring."
  • "Kubard, please accept this. I'm sure you can make use of it."
  • "Kubard, lend me your strength."
  • "You are a true marden, Your Highness."
  • "Deeds worthy of the true shah."
  • "This is for you. I know you can make proper use of it, Your Highness."
  • "Your Highess, please be careful."
  • "I am Saam. Prepare to fight me!"
  • "I shall now live on in disgrace..."

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