Skills in Samurai Warriors 2 have a higher importance than before and replaces the need to equip items like in the first installment. Aside from the shop, characters can "learn" them by defeating an enemy officer, though the chances of doing so are random; higher-leveled skills are only available at harder difficulty settings. The maximum level for the majority of skills is three. Rare level four skills can also be gained by completing a specific playthrough in the Survival Mode stages; these are worth 10,000 gold once unlocked.

Skills that augment a character's own stats.

Skill Level Description
Vitality 1~3 Length of life gauge increases.
Focus 1~3 Length of Musou gauge increases.
Potence 1~3 Attack strength increases.
Fortitude 1~3 Defense strength increases.
Cavalier 1~3 Abilities when mounting a horse increase.
Impulse 1~3 Speed increases.
Grace 1~3 Dexterity increases.
Karma 1~3 Luck increases.
Sensei 1~3 All abilities of bodyguards increase.
Master 1~4 All abilities of characters increase.

Skills that accelerate a character's stat growth upon leveling up.

Skill Level Description
Vitality 1~3 When leveling up, life gauge grows more easily.
Focus 1~3 When leveling up, Musou gauge grows more easily.
Potence 1~3 When leveling up, attack strength grows more easily.
Fortitude 1~3 When leveling up, defense strength grows more easily.
Cavalier 1~3 When leveling up, mounted abilities grow more easily.
Impulse 1~3 When leveling up, speed grows more easily.
Grace 1~3 When leveling up, dexterity grows more easily.
Karma 1~3 When leveling up, luck grows more easily.
Sensei 1~3 When bodyguards level up, their abilities grow more easily.
Acclaim 1~4 Amount of experience earned increases.

Skills that enhance different aspects of a character's fighting abilities.

Skill Level Description
Reach 1~3 Attack range increases.
Sickle 1~3 Critical hits occur more often.
Rage 1~3 Musou gauge fills faster.
Chaos 1~3 Damage increases with each hit in a combo.
Resilience 1~3 Character is more resistant to being stunned.
Element 1~3 Elemental effects occur during normal attack.
Ele-Charge 1~3 Elemental effects occur during charge attack.
Musou Power 1~3 Elemental effects of Musou attack strengthened.
True Power 1~3 Elemental effects of True Musou attack strengthened.
Awakening 1~3 Musou attack strengthened.

Skills that provide a plethora of beneficial effects to the character.

Skill Level Description
Gluttony 1~3 Healing items have more effect.
Cutthroat 1~3 Life partially restored every 100 KOs.
Equestrian 1~3 Abilities of mounted horse increase.
Opportunity 1~3 Life refills after being depleted once.
Ration 1~3 Healing items have more effect on bodyguards.
Prodigy 1~3 Easier to learn skills by defeating enemy officers.
Discern 1~3 Easier to obtain powerful weapons.
Greed 1~4 Amount of gold obtained increases.
Fitness 1~3 Power-up items last longer.
Plunder 1~3 Items within close range are shown on the map.

Individual skills that vary between characters. Can only be learned by reaching a certain level.

Skill Description
Pressure Push back enemies by pressing Square while guarding.
Characters: Mitsuhide Akechi (20), Ieyasu Tokugawa (10)
Omniscience Guard against attacks from behind.
Characters: Kenshin Uesugi (20), Kanetsugu Naoe (20)
Rebound Knockback after guarding decreased when timed well.
Characters: Tadakatsu Honda (20), Sakon Shima (20)
Agility Easier to perform flips while in mid-air.
Characters: Hanzō Hattori (20), Nene (20)
Reversal Counter enemy attacks by pressing Tri.
Characters: Keiji Maeda (30), Musashi Miyamoto (30)
Finesse Jump after executing a charge attack.
Characters: Oichi (30), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (20)
Facility Evade while performing a charge attack.
Characters: Ranmaru Mori (30), Kotarō Fūma (30), Motochika Chōsokabe (20)
Stability Can execute special stance during charge attack.
Characters: Yukimura Sanada (20), Nagamasa Azai (20)
Pierce Indirect attacks pierce through enemies to hit more.
Characters: Magoichi Saika (30), Ina (30)
Resist Resist becoming stunned when Musou gauge is full.
Characters: Shingen Takeda (40), Yoshihiro Shimazu (40)
Absorb Blocking enemy attacks refills Musou gauge.
Characters: Masamune Date (20), (30), Katsuie Shibata (20)
Recoil Counter indirect attacks when guarding.
Characters: Okuni (40), Mitsunari Ishida (40)
Vehemence Weapon charge achieved by special move strengthened.
Characters: Ginchiyo Tachibana (20), Nobunaga Oda (20)

Skill Characters Description
Instinct Toshiie Maeda (20) Can execute special stance during ordinary attack.
Supremacy Gracia (10) Musou gauge gradually fills at all times.
Intimidation Kojirō Sasaki (20) Shockwave produced when entering special stance.
Desperation Yoshimoto Imagawa (10) Attack strength increases shortly near death.

Skills introduced in Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Similar to self skills, they provide characters with unique properties once acquired.

Skills used for improving a character's attack performance.

Skill Gold Description
Spring 22,000 Jump after executing a charge attack.
Balance 56,200 Resist becoming stunned when Musou gauge is full.
Barrier 40,000 Create a spear barrier when advancing in special stance.
Bombard 40,000 Trigger bombardment when initiating special stance.
Invincibility 40,000 Produce a protective aura when moving.

Skills used for defensive purposes.

Skill Gold Description
Awareness 12,000 Can guard against enemy attacks from behind.
Repel 10,000 Push back enemies by pressing Square while guarding.
Reflex 29,000 Reaction time shorter if guarding with good timing.
Confidence 28,000 Blocking enemy attacks refills Musou gauge.
Reaction 14,000 Enables indirect attacks to be blocked when guarding.

Skills used for enhancing miscellaneous actions.

Skill Gold Description
Shockwave 31,000 Create a shockwave when initiating special stance.
Preparation 31,000 Can use special stance while attacking.
Brace 15,000 Can use special stance while blocking.
Flexibility 19,000 Easier to perform flips while in mid-air.
Escape 30,000 Can evade while attacking.

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