Players can repurchase the previous title's DLC. Avatar sets are separated by gender. Parts, individual scenarios, and music sets are individually priced at 96 yen (+ tax).

Nintendo 3DS users can purchase the fourth title's DLC for character outfits, horses, and edit character parts. Prices can be seen on the official page.

First Print CostumesEdit

Buy the game new to receive a downloadable serial code for Protagonist Santa costumes.

$0.99 (NA)

Protagonist Santa Outfits (SWC3 DLC)

Toukiden Kiwami PartsEdit

Toukiden Kiwami avatar parts for players who don't have access to the game's save data.

96 yen + tax (each) (JP)
$2.99 (NA)

Sengoku Musou 4-II PartsEdit

Male only Naomasa Ii avatar parts to celebrate Sengoku Musou 4-II being in stores. A free DLC add-on for the first four weeks of the title's international release.

96 yen + tax (each)


Update 1.02Edit

3DS only.

  • Fixed glitch which would not register online player rankings. Ranks which were earned but not recorded before update can be registered for Class Ups until December 15.

Update 1.01Edit

3DS only.

  • Glitch that didn't list Santa costumes has been addressed.
  • Game no longer freezes for an empty downloadable content screen.

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