Members in the Sanbone Trio. Their names are Pine (left), Carrot (center), and Soda (right).

The Sanbone Trio (サンボーン・トリオ), called the Sanborn Trio in the Japanese port, is a three-man enemy unit in Gitaroo-Man. When Puma is kidnapped at Planet Gitaroo, they serve as U-1's fifth opponent.

Since their Gitaroo is ingrained into their bodies, they are a unique warrior unit that combine their efforts in each attack. They all share the same name (Sanbone), but it's not clear if they are related to one another. Even so, they collaborate with one another pretty well, and they are jokingly referred to as the democratic soldiers in the Gravillian Empire.

They have voice credits in the Japanese version. Pine is voiced by Daisuke Tōjō, Hirofune Tanaka voices Carrot, and Yasuhiko Tokuyama does the voice for Soda.


During the first few movements of the song, U-1 is unarmed and unable to do anything but dodge. When U-1 has dodged their first advance, he ducks from one of their attacks and frees Puma. Puma transforms and hands U-1 his Gitaroo. As U-1 battles them, Puma uses his lightning powers to free Elder Miranda and the other imprisoned Gitarians. Miranda tells U-1 to aim for their weak spot before the finale, but, just as quickly, he claims to not remember its location. The Gitarians prevent the trio from escaping during the finale and chase them around as U-1 plays.

This stage may prove difficult on the first few takes, as U-1 isn't at optimum health at the start and the Sanbone Trio deliver quicker beats than previous stages. The beginning sequence allows for few misses and U-1's Charge Phase happens only after Puma is freed. While the stage's tricky rhythm is more erratic than previous encounters, repetition will help players adjust to its quirks.

The Sanbone Trio's Gitaroo is a percussion type. When U-1 defeats them, they collapse without their Gitaroo.


Born to be Bone
used in stage 7.
A Latin themed song with various types of percussion instruments (such as a wooden xylophone, metal drums, cymbals, etc.). A man's yell, an electric guitar, and a trumpet can be heard accompanying the song. It also has a quasi Old-Western feel as a horse's hooves and the sound of a whip cracking serve as musical cues before the finale. U-1's Gitaroo during the song acts as an acoustic guitar.

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