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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Sanzang.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "Hahaha! Leave it to me!"
  • "Follow me!"
  • "Now watch this!"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "What did you think?"
  • "Leave it to me!"
  • "This should do it!"
  • "Everybody! Allow me to lend you my strength!"
  • "Finally!"
  • "Trust me, I'm a lot tougher than I look."
  • "Each of us must do what we can to ensure victory."
  • "With you on our side, I can work on my routine."
  • "I've traveled far and wide, but I've never seen anybody like you."
  • "Hahaha... You've inspired me to try even harder!"
  • "Alright! That's what I like to see!"
  • "Thank goodness you're on our side!"
  • "Forgive me, but could somebody give me a hand?"
  • "Over here! Would you mind cutting in?"
  • "Thanks for coming! I owe you one!"
  • "I don't mean to be rude; would you mind getting lost?"
  • "Wow! Such incredible strength! I'm impressed!"
  • "Everyone, please forgive me... And thank you..."
  • "Nice work, Wukong! That's my boy!"
  • "Wukong, there's a treat for you when we get home."
  • "Thanks, Wukong. I know you're always there for me."
  • "Hahaha... You've bested me yet again, Taigong..."
  • "Looking good as always, Taigong..."
  • "Taigong! Help!"
  • "Hahaha... You really have changed!"
  • "You sure do pack quite a punch for such a small package!"
  • "Himiko, you're pretty sharp, you know that?"
  • "You're the man, Fu Xi!"
  • "I know I can always count on you, Fu Xi."
  • "Thank heavens you're here, Fu Xi."
  • "Wukong! I'm not letting you get away from me this time!"
  • "I'll need to reflect on where I went wrong here..."
  • "Even after I'm gone... I want you to behave yourself..."
  • "For the sake of Wukong, I refuse to be beaten by you!"
  • "How can I ever face Wukong now?"
  • "Please tell Wukong that I'm sorry..."
  • "I look forward to freeing you from your suffering."
  • "Forgive me... I will not fail next time."
  • "Don't worry... Somebody will come and save your soul."
  • "You possess such grace! Mind if I join in?"
  • "Thank you, that was most entertaining."
  • "I had hoped that we could continue our dance."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Hahaha! I will give you my best!"
  • "Now let's have some fun!"
  • "Ahahaha! Let's get out there and dance!"
  • "That was a most enjoyable dance!"
  • "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!"
  • "Here, I'd like for you to have this. I hope you'll take good care of it."
  • "Ahaha! I'm impressed!"
  • "Ahaha! Looks like you failed us!"
  • "I defeated numerous enemy officers in the previous battle. A true achievement."
  • "Lately, I haven't been summoned to battle... I think I feel kind of lonely... Wukong..."
  • "Recently, I'm so happy that I've been called to participate in so many battles! It just makes me want to dance!"
  • "Ahaha! This is a fabulous party! And it's going to be even better once I start dancing!"
  • "Trust me, I'm a lot tougher than I look."
  • "Lovely. It looks like I'm helping out a little."
  • "Wow, I didn't know you were quite this incredible. Impressive, impressive!"
  • "You're my best student, after all. I'd expect no less!"
  • "Hideyoshi, my friend, that's amazing! You resemble Wukong in more than just looks, I see."
  • "Goemon, you are truly unrivaled! The due reward for all your hard work!"
  • "Ling Tong, you are truly peerless! And so handsome as well!"
  • "I'm sorry, my companions. I fear this may be my end..."
  • "You're me, aren't you? Shall we dance?"
  • "Oh, superb."
  • "That's the way!"
  • "My thanks!"
  • "Thank you."
  • "Why do you stand in my way?"
  • "I lost... Catch you later!"
  • "Wukong! Don't get too carried away!"
  • "Wukong, you came to my aid!"
  • "Wow, Hideyoshi, you're too smart for me!"
  • "Thank you, Wu... ah, sorry, Hideyoshi."
  • "Goemon, you're so wild!"
  • "Come on, Goemon, quick, quick!"
  • "Perfect, Ling Tong!"
  • "Ling Tong, I'm here, over here!"
  • "Oh, very nice. It makes a big difference, having you along."
  • "That's the way! I'm counting on you, so don't mess up!"
  • "You came! May I have this dance, then?"
  • "Thank you! I hope to help you out, next time."
  • "You plan on stopping me, do you? This could be awkward..."
  • "I lost... Time to get out of here, then. Don't show your face to me again, understand?"
  • "Wukong! Oh, you always get so carried away..."
  • "Wukong, you came to my aid! I'll scratch your back for you later!"
  • "Wow, Hideyoshi, you're too quick for me! Like a real monkey!"
  • "Thank you, Wu... ah, sorry, Hideyoshi. You're just as strong as that monkey!"
  • "Goemon, you've really gone wild! Time for me to dance too!"
  • "Come on, Goemon, quickly, quickly! Help me with my dance!"
  • "Perfect, Ling Tong! I want to see more of you in action!"
  • "Ling Tong, I'm here, over here! You always come to save me, don't you?"
  • "You're always fighting on the front lines. If you need some relaxation, I'd be happy to dance for you."
  • "You're always fighting so hard. So I'll dance as best I can, for you."
  • "Finally! I can't wait to dance alongside you!"
  • "I knew it. I knew you would come to save me."
  • "Can't we just all get along?"
  • "We can be friends again, one day... Right?"
  • "You're lovely, Wukong, when you work so hard."
  • "When you are really needed, you always show up... Thanks, Wukong."
  • "Hideyoshi, amazing! You might be more agile and nimble than even Wukong!"
  • "Thank you, Hideyoshi. I always rely on you so much."
  • "Great work, Goemon! I always love to watch you dance."
  • "Goemon, you're just a big ball of warmth and happiness!"
  • "I cannot hope to compete with you, Ling Tong. You get things done, no messing about!"
  • "You came for me, Ling Tong. I was actually hoping you might."
  • "Watch me, as I dance like no one else!"
  • "Fantastic! You're really strong!"
  • "Guess I can't just be on the defensive all the time, huh? Okay, my turn!"
  • "There you are, Wukong! Time to go back home."
  • "Wukong, wait! Do you really hate being around me that much?"
  • "Now you've done it... Do you really want me to chant the forbidden curse?"
  • "Where are you off to now, Wukong?"
  • "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm. It was an honest mistake!"
  • "Oh wow, you're really upset, aren't you? Don't worry, my dancing will calm you down..."
  • "Would you like to dance with me, Goemon?"
  • "Hahaha! Goemon, your dancing is all over the place. It's great!"
  • "This is gonna be pretty tough, okay Goemon? Do you think you can keep up?"
  • "Want to dance with me, Ling Tong?"
  • "Haha, you're so nimble, Ling Tong! I think you're even making me look bad..."
  • "I'm so glad I'm able to dance with someone skilled like you, Ling Tong. Want to pick up the pace even more?"
  • "Show me how you feel!"
  • "I'd be glad to. It's much more fun with two people."
  • "No one said we had to fight. Let's just enjoy dancing, okay?"
  • "Okay, Okuni! But you won't out-dance me easily!"
  • "Come on. We may as well dance - we're here now."
  • "You're not up to something again, are you, Wukong?"
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