Sarah Zabiarov
Sarah Zabiarov (DWG3)
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Allegiance(s): Titans
Mobile Suit(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Maizun Jayoussi (EN)
Kaori Morino (JP)
Playable in the second game

Sarah Zabiarov is a minor antagonist in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. She was trained at the Titan' private Newtype lab. she was placed under Jerid Messa's command until the death of a fellow pilot, Siddeley. Paptimus realizes her power's potential and places her under his command. On her first mission, she informs the A.E.U.G. of the Titan's plan to drop a colony on the moon and is enamored by Katz Kobayashi. She then attempts to blow up the Argama at Von Braun City with a bomb, but fails and escapes.

Before the final battle of Gryps II, Sarah attends the meeting between Paptimus, Haman Karn and Jamitov Hymem. Continuously troubled by her attachment to Paptimus and the means to be human, she takes a hit from Katz meant for Paptimus and dies without reaching a resolution.

Mission ModeEdit

Sarah Zabiarov is seen in the first game as a non-playable character.

In her first Story Mission in the second game, Sarah fights alongside Paptimus for his love. In her second mission, Sarah is pitted surprisingly against Paptimus despite her protests. After the fight, she swears to follow Paptimus wherever he goes.


Sarah is a pilot who idolizes Paptimus, but soon awakens a humane side of her.




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