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Demon (Yomi)
Goddess (True Yomi)
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Sayo: Name is another reading for "small night" or "evening".

Yomi: Name is another reading for "night view".

Sayo (小夜) is an original, unique, non-playable character and the true main antagonist in Warriors All-Stars. The supernatural being who shares her form calls itself Yomi (夜見).

Role in GameEdit

She is Tamaki's and Shiki's mother and Setsuna's aunt. She is the only priestess blessed by the divine spring. When the spring dries up and her world begins to wither, Sayo informs her relatives that it is necessary to restore it and only Tamaki has the power to do it. Her words cause Shiki and Setsuna to distance themselves from the Holy Castle.

At the start of the game, she helps Tamaki summon the otherworldly heroes and introduce them to their world.

Character InformationEdit


Furusawa remarked that the original characters in Warriors All-Stars were originally designed to be human beings, but the team felt that their visuals "lost entirely" to characters from other IPs. They then tried to make the original characters appear to be "almighty", but this was declined for going too overboard just for the sake distinguishing them. Their current beastly appearances were originally suggested by one of the game's designers. It was accepted since anthropomorphism wasn't present in the other Warriors IPs that they had picked.


Calm and elegant, she is a perceptive woman who is loved by her people.

In reality, she is very manipulative.

Fighting StyleEdit

Attack ListEdit

Sayo Edit
  • Normal Attack: Sayo sparks a single ball of energy two times shooting sparks from them, then two orbs above one another, then two orbs in between, then shoots sparks in a fan formation, then makes an energetic explosion.
  • Charge 3: Sayo sets a symbol on the ground and makes it burst out spikes.
  • Charge 4: Sayo makes three symbols and bursts lightning.
Yomi Edit
  • Normal Attack: Yomi slowly throws a ball of magic, then three more, then throws two more magic balls, then three all around.
  • Charge 1: Yomi sends out a large shockwave pushing all the enemies away.

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