Seabook Arno
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Allegiance(s): Earth Federation
Crossbone Vanguard
17 (MSGF91)
27 (MSCG)
Mobile Suit(s):
F91 Gundam F91
XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
Voice Actors:
Michael Adamthwaite (EN)
Koji Tsujitani (JP)
Also known as Kincade Nau.

Seabook Arno is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam F91 and a supporting character in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. He was once an ordinary student from Frontier IV and was dragged into war when the Crossbone Vanguard invaded his colony. His mother, Monica Arno is obsessed with her research and left the Gundam F91 in his care. After countless battles, he soon fought the Bugs used by the Crossbone Vanguard then defeated Cecily Fairchild's father, the Iron Mask by destroying him and his mobile armor Rafflesia.

Years after, Seabook would take the identity of Kincade Nau and serve with Cecily under the Crossbone Vanguard.

Mission ModeEdit

In the second game on his first Story Mission, he rescues a person who he thought was Cecily. Judau then thanks Seabook. In the second mission, Seabook aids Judau against two-armies. During this battle, he encounters Puru-Two. In the aftermath, he learns that Cecily is being held by the White Fang. On his third mission, he fights the White Fang forces in order to rescue his love interest. However, the White Fangs take off with her. On his fourth mission, Seabook fights through enemy ranks when Haman informs Seabook Cecily will be a symbol for Neo-Zeon.

Upon reuniting with Cecily, the two fend off an angry Elpeo Puru who's using the Quin Mantha. Even after winning, Seabook returns Puru's Qubeley to her. When it seemed like a happy ending, Domon Kasshu informs Seabook of another threat, Master Asia and the Dark Gundam. For his final mission, Seabook races to a populated city and fights fake Mobile Suits created by the Dark Gundam. In the final battle, Seabook faces Master Asia who is being empowered by the Dark Gundam. After disabling the dark Mobile Fighter, Seabook eventually defeats the Master Gundam. Completing his story will unlock Cecily Fairchild.





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