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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Seimei Abe.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Yin and Yang shall forge a path."
  • "The shikigami deserve praise for this victory."
  • "It is time. The shikigami are becoming restless."
  • "I hope I haven't disappointed you."
  • "I think we've done more than enough."
  • "This is for you. I can promise you it will be of great use to you."
  • "A fine effort indeed."
  • "I see... I overestimated you."
  • "My shikigami are doing well. I must remember to encourage them now and again."
  • "I yearn for the battlefield... Peace is all very well, but this is mere stagnation."
  • "I am in high demand recently. The shikigami must be glad to have so much to do."
  • "Back home, banquets are an occasion for political maneuvering, but here, I really feel I can relax."
  • "I have rid this land of another hindrance."
  • "One who stands unmatched, is one who stands in solitude."
  • "Your strength is unparalleled."
  • "Such slender arms... such overwhelming power."
  • "Just what I would expect from one who bears their family honor."
  • "The famed warrior Kanetsugu Naoe... Magnificent."
  • "So this is the power of the vixen..."
  • "The might of our enemy is considerable."
  • "This land needs but one Seimei."
  • "Magnificent skill."
  • "Truly outstanding."
  • "You have come to my assistance?"
  • "Would you lend me your aid awhile?"
  • "So you are to be my opponent?"
  • "It is inconceivable that I should be defeated."
  • "Such captivating skill, Lady Yuanji."
  • "Lady Yuanji, you sensed my predicament?"
  • "Excellent work, Lady Ginchiyo."
  • "Lady Ginchiyo, would you lend me your assistance?"
  • "An outstanding effort, Master Kanetsugu."
  • "Master Kanetsugu, you arrive just in time."
  • "Da Ji, you fight with ferocity."
  • "How rare it is to see a vixen offering her aid."
  • "Magnificent. Any opponent must tremble before such strength."
  • "Outstanding. Such strength is most welcome on the battlefield."
  • "You came here to assist me? I should like to emulate such adaptability in my shikigami."
  • "Would you please lend me your assistance? I should like you to help me strike back at the enemy."
  • "So you are to be my adversary? Though a familiar face, I take it you will not be expecting clemency."
  • "That I should be bested is most alarming. I must resolve to train harder."
  • "Splendid work, Lady Yuanji. Those who seek to fulfill their responsibilities are deserving of praise."
  • "Lady Yuanji, you sensed my predicament? Your insight serves to save us all."
  • "Excellent work, Lady Ginchiyo. Just what I would expect from someone of such fine stock."
  • "Lady Ginchiyo, could you lend me your assistance? I feel it would be advantageous to strike at the enemy together."
  • "Formidable martial skill, Master Kanetsugu. That pentagram you wield is most impressive."
  • "Master Kanetsugu, you arrived just in time. You've spared me the indignity of using the black arts to resurrect myself."
  • "Da Ji, you fight with ferocity. Though I spy no tail upon you, in spirit you truly are a vixen."
  • "How rare it is to see a vixen offering her aid. A somewhat unnatural presence, though a welcome one."
  • "As ever, such brilliant technique. Even my shikigami would wilt in your presence."
  • "Such technique surpasses even that of my shikigami. Hmm, perhaps it is rather inapt to compare the two though..."
  • "I am overjoyed to see you. There is no-one I would rather have by my side."
  • "You have come to my aid. It is almost as if you read my mind. My heartfelt thanks to you."
  • "You are to be my opponent...? It would appear that some things in life cannot be predicted."
  • "For me to have been defeated by you... Regrettable, but I must accept this."
  • "Lady Yuanji, your efforts exceed even my expectations. With you on our side, we have nothing to fear."
  • "Lady Yuanji, I always believed you would come. With you here, we may now strike back."
  • "Lady Ginchiyo, of the famed Tachibana. Your presence here would be a welcome sight for anyone."
  • "Excellent timing. The sight of you gives strength to us all."
  • "Love and honor reverberate across the battlefield... Who else but Master Kanetsugu could achieve this."
  • "Master Kanetsugu, you have come. Such aid, rooted in the love of all things, I shall gladly accept."
  • "The vixen truly has the power to captivate the soul. It is as if our enemy is helpless, at the mercy of your dance."
  • "For me to wish for the help of a vixen... It seems I have changed somewhat since I came to this land."
  • "I shall amuse myself by testing your might."
  • "Well, then. It seems you have more than a little fight in you."
  • "Hmm... your ability may be close to that of my own. Why not show me what you are capable of?"
  • "Let us see your true might."
  • "Excellent... though I sense you are capable of still more. An interesting opponent indeed."
  • "A truly formidable foe... I had not anticipated having to use my full strength."
  • "I should like to learn the secret of your strength, Lady Ginchiyo."
  • "So it is your noble spirit which affords you such power... To be proud of one's lineage is not such a bad thing, I suppose."
  • "It is time for me to strike back. After all, I should reveal myself as the great Onmyōji I am now and again."
  • "As a practitioner of the art of Onmyōdō, I wish to test your strength."
  • "So this world, too, houses those skilled in the art... Then let us see how you cope with this."
  • "Yes, it seems you are not to be trifled with. Perhaps I should unleash my true power..."
  • "Vixen, you must yield before me."
  • "It would seem you have the skill to back up your words. This battle becomes intriguing."
  • "If only such formidable foes existed in my old world, I would never have become so bored."
  • "My shikigami shall be your opponents."
  • "How unfortunate for you that your duty will lead to your demise."
  • "Certainly. I hope my talents live up to your expectations."
  • "Hmm, direct and to the point. There is nothing quite so chilling as honesty."
  • "Will you now? I'm afraid I am not in the habit of kneeling."


  • "Your strength appears to be boundless. I should like to know the source of your power."
  • "You are performing well, Tamamo."
  • "Tamamo, you have come here to help me?"
  • "You are performing well, Tamamo. I believe my shikigami could learn from your example."
  • "Tamamo, you have come here to help me? Hehe... I shall take you up on your offer."
  • "Tamamo, your technique is most impressive. I would like to challenge you myself one day."
  • "I knew you would come eventually, Tamamo. I suppose I have come to rely on your strength somewhat."
  • "You are a spirit without equal in any realm. I may be left with no choice but to seal you away at some point."
  • "You have shown us all what you are capable of."
  • "I was not expecting to rely on your assistance."
  • "You have shown us all what you are capable of. I fear your strength could prove to be most dangerous."
  • "I was not expecting to rely on your assistance. However, I am in no position to refuse it now."
  • "You fight on sheer instinct. Although it is unthinkable for a human, it definitely has its uses."
  • "Did you recognize that I was in danger? It is unlike a fox to save another with no discernable advantage to itself."
  • "Come, Tamamo. It is time you returned to your stone."
  • "It is only natural that you be confined. Why do you oppose me?"
  • "You still wish to oppose me? I did not want to have to resort to such tactics, but you leave me no choice."
  • "Being trapped by your hatred can only serve to bring harm unto yourself."
  • "I shall be the one to banish you from this realm, evil spirit."
  • "So you are aware of my abilities... However, that still will not do you any good against me."
  • "I can see it will take higher level techniques to deal with you. As such, I must hold nothing back."
  • "Perhaps, but that is one question you will never find the answer to."

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