Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3
Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: December 4, 2014
European flag: June 24, 2015
Flag of the United States.svg: June 30, 2015
Genre: Hack and Slash
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO: CERO B Rating
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (戦国無双 Chronicle 3, Sengoku Musou Chronicle 3) is the latest Chronicles entry which uses Samurai Warriors 4 as its base. Unlike its predecessor, the producer says this title is a "brand new entry" into the series. He hints that it will include Xtreme Legends-like features.

Buy the game new to receive a Santa outfit serial code for both genders. The Premium Box edition includes an artbook containing new illustrations for every playable Samurai Warriors character, a CD containing Chronicles original and remix music, autographs from the protagonist voice actors, and 15 character postcards. The Gamecity Set from Gamecity Shopping adds a wall tapestry and the same merchandise from the TV special Gamecity Set to the purchase. Gamecity Shoppers can receive an original clear file with their purchase. If buyers reserve the game from the same site before November 24, they can choose an autograph from one of the "Gi Trio" voice actors. my GAMECITY users can purchase the packaged versions of this game and/or Sengoku Musou 4-II to receive serial codes for rare merchandise.

The Digital Download version costs $39.99, 3DS version coming to a total of $42.73 due to tax. It takes up 2.0GB for the PSVita version, and 12695 blocks for the 3DS version.


  • Protagonists have Hyper Attacks, Mighty Strikes, and Rage Attacks for their default weaponry. Further customization options are planned.
  • Playable characters have a combat maneuver gauge ala Empires titles that can be used during battle. Each character can use a special maneuver to help the ally side once certain conditions are met.
  • The producer stated that many missions encourage the player to rely on character switching to succeed them.
  • Character interactions with the playable cast have been heightened compared to previous titles. Protagonists can additionally earn a playable character's costume and "what-if" story branches in Chronicle Mode by building friendship levels with them.
  • Hypothetical routes can unlock special mission objectives for the playable cast.
  • Players can use their funds to improve a castle town and its standard shop. A blacksmith for specific weapon alterations and the tea room seen in cutscenes are new facilities. Players can invite multiple characters to the tea room to boost friendship ratings and to experience unique conversations; upgrade it to increase the number of seats available per visit.
  • Dream Castle Mode is a revised Gold Rush or Time Attack Mode from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends. Players can compete for online rankings and earn a class rank for their avatar. Guest characters are slated to appear as enemy NPCs.
  • Completing various objectives to bolster the player's war career. War career is equivalent to game completion and is visibly judged by revealing miniatured character illustrations separated on a 6x4 square grid. One objective is placed on one square panel, and there are eight illustrations available.
  • Online friendships can be used to earn points for weapon customization. Routine online messages from the developers will continue to be sent to players of both ports.
  • Downloadable content will include scenarios, music, and edit character parts.


Story ModeEdit

The story mode of the game that follows the Protagonist as the major events of the Sengoku era unfold. The layout is similar to historical mode in Samurai Warriors 3, with events littered between the battles on a scroll timeline. Alternate histories are offered this time around as well, serving as side stories and what if scenarios.

Challenge ModeEdit

A secondary mode similar to the Gold Rush mode from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends. Three stages are selectable:

  • Ōsaka Castle
  • Azuchi Castle
  • Edo Castle

Points are earned as a separate currency in this mode, which are earned from defeating officers, completing missions, hidden in boxes, and completing combos. These points are saved after every run and can be exchanged for items, weapon upgrades, gold, experience, and level 5 weapons for each character.

Castle TownEdit

A sub-mode available from both Story Mode and Challenge Mode after completing two battles in Story Mode. Within this mode, different options are available. The shop, blacksmith, and tea house can all be upgraded to improve their abilities.

  • Shop - where gems and equipment can be purchased.
  • Blacksmith - upgrades weapons to new tiers, improved stats, and weapon skills
  • Tea House - Improves characters favor and hosts extra events outside of the main stories
  • Invest - Improves the levels of the shop, blacksmith, and tea house from level 1 to 10
  • Training Area - Up to four characters can be selected to gain extra training from battles when they do not directly participate in the battle.

Network ModeEdit

This mode allows SpotPass to be managed, game updates to be checked and downloaded, and access to the DLC shop.


Keeps track of game stats, including the eight battle history panels, objectives, events, end galleries, music, character levels, items, war arts, horses, and favor.


Provides brief historical information for playable characters, generic officers, and battles. Unlike Samurai Warriors 4, the encyclopedia is entirely unlocked from the start.


Allows controls, sound, displays, and game data to be customized.


One new stage was added to the game:


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
SWC3 Trophy Unrivaled Warrior Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
SWC3 Trophy 2 Genius Complete all war career illustrations. Gold
SWC3 Trophy 3 Dancing Masterpiece Collect all weapons. Gold
SWC3 Trophy 4 Veteran Win every battle in Story Mode. Gold
SWC3 Trophy 5 Treasured Item Obtain a rare weapon for the first time. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 6 Song Master Maximize the music collection rate to 100%. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 7 Large Shareholder Maximize all investment levels. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 8 Mission Complete Maximize the mission accomplishment rate in Story Mode to 100%. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 9 Dialogue Master Maximize the event collection rate to 100%. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 10 Grand Finale Unlock the ending for the Showdown at Osaka. Silver
SWC3 Trophy 11 Skill Master Learn all skills. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 12 The Demon King's Second Coming Unlock the ending for the Battle against Toyotomi - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 13 To Be a Demon Clear a battle on hell difficulty. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 14 Horse Lover Collect all war horses. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 15 Glutton Consume 500 rice balls. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 16 Golden Palace Spend over 100,000 gold at the castle town. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 17 Amusement Park Complete the sixth war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 18 Speed Worth a Thousand Get 1,000 kills in one battle through hyper attacks. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 19 Bonds of Ōmi Unlock the ending for Hisahide Matsunaga's Revolt - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 20 War God and Schemer Unlock the ending for the Battle against Matsunaga - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 21 A Display of Beautiful Legs Complete the seventh war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 22 Not Alone in the End Unlock the ending for the Osaka Campaign. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 23 Strategy of Survival Unlock the ending for the Showdown at Mt. Tachibana. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 24 To the Imperial Path Unlock the ending for the Showdown at Kawanakajima - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 25 To Be Unrivaled Maximize a character's level for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 26 One Who Weaves History Complete the first war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 27 Song Collector Raise the music collection rate to 50%. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 28 East-West Treaty Unlock the ending for the Subjugation of Edo - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 29 Skills Worth a Thousand Perform a 1,000 combo chain in one battle. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 30 Tactician Family Use skills 10 times in one battle. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 31 End of the Year Spring Cleaning Complete the fifth war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 32 Tenka Fuge Unlock the ending for Ieyasu Tokugawa's Revolt - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 33 One With Great Valor Spend over 100,000 gold at the Castle of Trials. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 34 A Dream World Unlock the ending for the Assault on Osaka Castle. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 35 Strengthened Friendship Maximize a bond with every character. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 36 Inrō Complete the fourth war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 37 First Battle Win a Battle for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 38 First Reward Earn a reward at the Castle of Trials for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 39 Shareholder Novice Invest for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 40 Tremendous Memorabilia Collect all equipable items. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 41 The Whole Cast Complete the eighth war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 42 Path of Carnage Defeat a total of more than 100,000 enemies. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 43 Mission Accomplished Raise the mission accomplishment rate in Story Mode to 50%. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 44 By Popular Demand Complete the third war career illustration. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 45 Dialogue Collector Raise the event collection rate to 50%. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 46 True Warrior Get 1,000 kills in one battle. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 47 Once in a Lifetime Create a character for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 48 Fatal Blow Obtain a weapon with the Reaper attribute for the first time. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 49 The Time is Now Unlock the ending for the Clash at Setouchi - Redux. Bronze
SWC3 Trophy 50 Chibigahara Complete the second war career illustration. Bronze

Differences between portsEdit

Related MediaEdit

Director Kataoka demonstrated the game online on September 19, 14:15 JST. It was one of the playable demos at Koei Tecmo's Tokyo Game Show 2014 booth. It was one of the Koei titles present for the PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2014. Kataoka gave live Chronicle 3 presentations and explanations on Denjin☆Gacha! (December 4, 22:40 JST) and PlayCommu Cafe (December 5, 20:00 JST).

A NicoNico Live broadcast was scheduled November 5, 17:00 (JST). New information for the series's anniversary and Sengoku Musou was first revealed at the event. Snippets of the voice actor sections can be seen on MAiDiGiTV's Youtube channel.

The experience trial can be downloaded November 6.

Gamecity is publishing a guidebook for completionists.


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