Gackt and Hisashi Koinuma autograph commemorating collaboration.

Setsugekka -The end of silence- (雪月花 -The end of silence-) is one of the songs created and performed by Japanese vocalist, Gackt. It is available on his thirty-sixth single, Setsugekka -The end of silence-/ZAN, which was partially made to celebrate ten successful years of his solo career, and his eighth album LAST MOON.

A literal translation of the Japanese in the song's title is "Snow, Moon, Flower", or the three iconic symbols of traditional Japanese aesthetics. The characters form an artistic saying for imagery often found in literature and poetry. Contemporary mediums may prefer to replace the ambiguous flower with cherry blossoms. It was first used in archaic writings to simultaneously convey the literal beauty of a seasonal landscape and eternal admiration or longing for someone or something. The translucent, ephemeral descriptions generally suggest that the subject of the poem has been lost or has passed away. Manyoushu uses the phrase for playful effect while the Makura no Soushi insists it has tragic connotations.

Hisashi Koinuma personally approached Gackt to create the image songs for Samurai Warriors 3. He wanted someone who had experience working with the Warring States setting and remembered the musician for his acting in Fuurin Kazan as Kenshin Uesugi. Koinuma believes the artist's personal interest for the time era makes him a perfect match for Samurai Warriors. The producer hopes players feel a deep emotional impact when they hear the songs for the characters' endings. Gackt commented that the songs have an upbeat, theatrical feel to them to naturally fit the game's action and tone. He said that the intense yet sorrowful lyrics found in both songs embodies the setting's drama.

Gackt performed the songs live at Koei and Fuji TV's stage event, Sengoku Bushou Matsuri. His performance and reprisal of his Kenshin attire was one of the most covered celebrity appearances with the Japanese mass media.


Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement, Vocals: Gackt C
Arrangement: chachamaru
Dears label


最後の涙 重ね、
夜空に星 散りばめて
躰 朽ち果てても…

mikazuki wo daita kimi ni tsubuaita
"konayuki to odoru kimi ni aitai..."
tatta-hitotsu dake no omoi o nosete
akaku somaru yuki wo sora ni chiridameta
kimi wo dakishimeru hana to nare
tsunoru omoi megurase sakimidare
kokoro ubawareru hodo kimi o aisetakoto wo
nandomo... nandomo.. yozora ni sakenda
toi-iki akaku somete utai tsuzuketeta
"koyoi no yume ni zo kimi ga sugata wo..."
kimi no kieta kisetsu ga mousugu owaru
saigo no namida kasane,
konayuki ni kaete miseyou
kimi wo dakishimeru yuki to nare
tsunoru omoi chiribame maiodore
kizu wo kakusou to suruhodo
nazeka namida ga afurete
kimi no hohoemi ga ima, kasunde mienaiyo
kimi o terashidasu tsuki ni narerunara
yozora ni hoshi chiribamete
kimi wo sagasou
karada kuchi hattetemo...
kimi wo dakishimeru yuki to nare
yozara no kimi wo irodoru hana ni nare
kimi ni fureyou to suruhodo
tsukande wa kieru... "yuki no hana"
nandomo... nandomo... yozara ni
sakebi tsuzuketa
kimi ni todokimasuyouni...

As I embrace the new moon, I utter to you
"I want to see you dancing in the new snow..."
With this lone thought in my mind
I scatter crimson stained snow into the sky
But when I embrace you, you turn into a flower
My raised hopes are prevented from blooming with you
My heart is deprived of everything I loved about you
Again... again... I cry to the night sky
Drenched in crimson and breathless, I continue to sing
"I will see you in tonight's dream..."
The season in which you disappeared from me will soon end
As the final tear is shed,
I will change this fresh blanket of snow
When I embrace you, you turn into snow
My raised hopes scatter and dance above me
When I try to hide my wounds
for some reason I can't stop my tears
The heavy downpour blurs my view of your smile
If your shining light became the moon
I would scatter the stars in the night sky
to find you
Until my body were to rot away...
As I embrace you, you turn into snow
into the night sky, your colors form a flower
I try to touch you
and grab you, but you vanish... like a "snow flower"
Over and over... many times more... I cry endlessly
to the night sky
Hoping that I will reach you...

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