Shakti Render (BS)
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Weapon Type: Sickle and shield
Request Mission(s):
Witch of the Woods
Voice Actors:
Original character.

Shakti (シャクティ) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in GameEdit

A foreign mercenary who hails from the South. While her abilities as a mercenary are on par with the rest, her aloof demeanor and unique philosophy has caused others to label her the "Destroyer" out of fear. In time, she is also branded a witch who only appears at night within the dark forests of the land. The gossip and rumors regarding Shakti continue to escalate until Magnus and the protagonist unveil them for what they truly are.

Even after the truth has been revealed, most of the mercenaries still treat her with fear and suspicion. She gives the protagonist one of the twelve rare gems as a gift for interacting with her on multiple occasions.

Character InformationEdit


Stoic and calm, Shakti is an enlightened woman whose views are misunderstood by many around her. She believes that life is always a cycle of birth and death, wishing to ease suffering by slaying those in her way. However, only a few individuals such as Yoshimasa understand her way of thinking.


  • "When you arrive in the afterlife, be certain to advise them who dispatched you there."
  • "You appear to be little more than a foot soldier."
  • "I knew you would come to my assistance."
  • "You fight with spirit... But for what purpose?"
  • "So you too are entangled in this chaos... How unfortunate."
  • "Return to the dust whence you came."
  • "I fall... the cycle of life goes on..."
  • "I do battle only in the hope of creating a better world."
  • "It is the will of destiny that I should take this place."
  • "Where will this struggle lead us?"
  • "Let us meet the enemy, if it be the will of fate!"

  • "Lady Shakti. I am surprised to see you here."
"Hmph... There is a fool here with whom I can talk."
"I believe I understand... the reason why you fight. Life is a cycle and death, a return. Thus, fighting becomes a service to the departed."
"What was once gone, returns and becomes one again. Therein lies its peace. You comprehend. They do not. That is all."
~~Yoshimasa and Shakti


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