Shenglu ~CIRCUIT~ (生路〜CIRCUIT〜; lit. "Life Road~CIRCUIT~") is a song performed by Japanese vocalist, Yo Hitoto. It is the ending song of Dynasty Warriors 3 and Dynasty Warriors 8 (via the hypothetical routes for the latter). A remixed instrumental version of the song is later used as the ending song for Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires; this version of the song is called Shenglu ~SYMPHONIA~ (生路~SYMPHONIA~). Unlike most songs in the Dynasty Warriors series, this song's lyrics are in Mandarin.

Hitoto later released the song again in her fifth single, Edo Porka/Yume Nakaba. This version of the song includes partially translated Japanese lyrics and is retitled Seiro ~MAZE~ (生路~MAZE~). She performed a live orchestral remix of this song at the 30th Anniversary Romance of the Three Kingdoms Concert, which contains both Japanese and Mandarin lyrics.

MASA and Masaaki Honma composed and arranged the song respectively.

On May 12, 2016, Kou Shibusawa was the guest for the NHK radio show Suppin. This was one of the songs that Shibusawa requested to be played on air. Tomohiko Sho later commented on being moved when he first heard the song at the company.


畫地為牢 實際上疲勞
露出絲毫 孤立的容貌
祝福你 盡全力
開拓出 生路永往無畏
寂寞時分 入夢的寸前
無光亮中 描繪的景象
祝福你 盡全力
開拓出 生路直前無畏
沒有因為 沒有因為 沒有因為

huadi weilao shiji shang pilao
zhuang zuo wu suowei
luochu sihao guli di rongmao
xiangshou mingyun anwei
paihuai rensheng ziwei
weilai canlan guanghui
zhufu ni jin quan li
weiruo di maibo han peng pai di danbo
kai tuo chu shenglu yong wang wu wei
jimo shifen rumeng di cun qian
queren ziwo shijie
wu guang liang zhong miao gui di jing xiang
reng gui fu xian yanqian
wanshi jie you ding shu
xiangxin weilai wuxian
zhufu ni jin quan li
huar wei ni kaifang
yueguang wei ni zhao liang
kai tuo chu shenglu xuan qian wu wei
zhufu ni
jin quan li
meiyou yinwei meiyou yinwei meiyou yinwei

I dress and act within the boundaries of what is allowed, yet I'm actually tired
of acting like I need to accept a so-called limit
Ever so slightly, I expose my one and only true face
and enjoy my new comfort and destiny
The taste of life which lingers
shines a brilliant radiant future
I cast a spell on you with everything I have
The soul of the bravery within you collides with its delicate pulse
But open yourself to me, for there is nothing to fear in this eternal road of life
In lonely times I take a nap and dream
to check up on my own world
If no light shines in it, I'll draw out my own spectacle
and bring it back to how it was before
Everything and anything has its determined fate
but I believe that the future is infinite
I cast a spell on you with everything I have
The flowers blossom for you
The moonlight brightens for you
Open yourself to me, for there is nothing to fear in the road of life before you
I cast a spell on you
with everything I have
There is no reason why, there is no reason why, there is no reason why

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