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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Shennong.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "If my strength is needed, then I must go forth."
  • "Well, I'm still alive, at least."
  • "I will do all I can for the sake of mankind."
  • "I have done the best I am capable of."
  • "I never thought things would go this well."
  • "Here, take this. I'm sure you know what to do with it."
  • "I knew you had it in you."
  • "Everybody makes mistakes now and again."
  • "I think I did fairly well in the last battle. I hope I was of some use to the humans."
  • "It is an honor to be in such demand. I hope I can be of aid."
  • "I always knew I wasn't the fighting type. But now that I am here, I must do my best."
  • "I normally partake of nothing more than medicinal wines, but I feel this wine might be better for me than anything else!"
  • "Another enemy falls before me."
  • "A thousand enemies have fallen by my hand... My skills in medicine have played no small part in this."
  • "You stand as a warrior unmatched in this world."
  • "Lu Meng, you are a peerless warrior, blessed with both wisdom and courage."
  • "Motonari, your strength is unparalleled. Talk of your retirement must surely be a jest?"
  • "Such courage. Such strength. It must be the sight of Fu Xi on the battlefield."
  • "Magnificent as always, Nuwa. Your icy blade is as keen as ever."
  • "Hmm, this looks rather tricky. Some extra powerful herbs may be in order here..."
  • "I have... a double? Perhaps you could test out some particularly poisonous herbs for me..."
  • "Magnificent work."
  • "Wonderful skill."
  • "Ah, you arrive just in time."
  • "Agh... I'm so glad to see you here."
  • "So you stand as my opponent?"
  • "I am... defeated."
  • "An outstanding effort, Lu Meng."
  • "Lu Meng, thank you for your assistance."
  • "Splendid work, Motonari."
  • "Motonari, would you mind assisting me?"
  • "Magnificent, Fu Xi."
  • "Thank you for your help, Fu Xi."
  • "A most fearsome display, Nuwa."
  • "Nuwa, thank you for coming."
  • "Truly wonderful ability. With a talent such as you among us, I am surely only needed in a support role."
  • "An outstanding effort. Please do keep up the good work."
  • "Ah, you arrive just in time. Would you please help me awhile?"
  • "Agh... I'm so glad to see you here. I really shouldn't have eaten that odd-looking herb..."
  • "So you stand as my opponent? I'd rather not have to cross swords with you, but..."
  • "I am... defeated. I must accept that my opponent simply had more stomach for the fight."
  • "Outstanding, Lu Meng. Your wisdom and courage are the savior of many a soul."
  • "Lu Meng, I am grateful for your aid. With you at our side, we shall surely overcome our foes."
  • "Splendid work, Motonari. I can scarcely believe you were ever in retirement."
  • "Motonari, would you please lend me your aid? Having to take care of all this myself is something of an imposition, you see."
  • "Excellent work, Fu Xi. Please use your talents to assist the children of man."
  • "Fu Xi, I am indebted to you. It seems I should leave the fighting to the fighters."
  • "A most ferocious performance, Nuwa... And I do mean that in a good way."
  • "Nuwa, thank you for coming. Would you mind taking care of things for me here?"
  • "With you here, our allies are safe. I am truly glad to be able to lend my support to such a fine warrior."
  • "A magnificent effort. You are indeed an asset to our cause."
  • "Please do not risk your own safety on my account. You're too important to our cause."
  • "You've arrived at the ideal moment. I'm very glad to have you here covering my back."
  • "So it seems we must do battle. Though an unsavory task, I shall give it my all, nonetheless."
  • "Would you be at all offended if I said I was glad that I lost...?"
  • "You are truly blessed with both wisdom and courage. I see that you learn from the world around you and apply your knowledge with diligence."
  • "I'm sorry to have involved you in all this. It seems that human abilities have already surpassed those of my own."
  • "I scarcely have enough paper to mark all the enemies you have slain, Motonari. When this is over, I shall have to sit down and put my records in order."
  • "Thank you for your timely intervention, Motonari. I had no wish to end up disgraced in your record of this battle."
  • "Ride out, face the enemy head on, and claim victory. That's the Fu Xi I know."
  • "Fu Xi, I knew you'd come to my aid. I also know you'll be there for me many times in the future."
  • "Swift judgment imparted by your elegant hand. I'm relieved you're on our side, Nuwa."
  • "The enemy's mood suddenly turned bleak at the sight of you. I'm thankful to have the support of such an imperturbable goddess."
  • "I'm not sure I'll be much of an opponent, but..."
  • "Argh... I knew I wasn't cut out for the front lines."
  • "I've no idea what effect this might have in battle, but... you will now taste the fruit of my endeavors."
  • "Lu Meng, allow me to test your wisdom and courage."
  • "Your skills have improved immeasurably. Your dedication to the acquisition of knowledge is impressive."
  • "Hmm, I'm hardly what you'd call the pride of the Mystic Realm... Still, I should give this one last try."
  • "Is the one who stands before me Motonari, head of his clan... or Motonari the scholar?"
  • "This is the power a scholar wields? I should reconsider my approach."
  • "I am one of the Three Sovereigns... Surely I cannot be defeated here? I must redouble my efforts."
  • "I challenge you, Fu Xi... A somewhat unexpected occurrence, wouldn't you say?"
  • "Magnificent martial skill. You seem to get better each time I see you."
  • "I didn't come all this way to lose. I will have victory in the end..."
  • "Though we are both warriors from the Mystic Realm, it is clear that you are the superior fighter. Is there really any point in us doing battle?"
  • "As ferocious as ever, Nuwa. I suppose it'd be a waste of everyone's time to ask for clemency at this point..."
  • "I've finally thought of a way to strike back. Now if I can just get started..."
  • "Please go easy on me, if you wouldn't mind."
  • "I look forward to seeing how you have developed."
  • "Hmm, that's not bad. But before you begin, would you like to try my latest concoction?"
  • "So you say... but you are raising your blade, are you not?"
  • "Yes, I'm well aware of that. You're not really the holding back type, are you?"

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