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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Shew.

Fist of the North Star: Ken's RageEdit

  • "It is my task to put an end to this tragic cycle."
  • "Just how far do you think you can run from your deaths?"
  • "Quick enough to dodge my kicks... Impressive!"
  • "You will soon know the true power of Hakuro Ken!"
  • "Yes... That will do."
  • "Rei, I'm sorry... I must break my promise to you..."

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2Edit

  • "I will become a demon, and fight!"
  • "You cannot be allowed to steal the light of hope from the children!"
  • "People refer to me as the Blind Warrior!"
  • "The task of the Star of Benevolence is to bring hope for the future!"
  • "I can sense an opponent's intent within my heart!"
  • "Muonken does not work against me. I sense an opponent's intent with my heart!"
  • "My friend... It seems we cannot avoid this situation we find ourselves in."
  • "Juda, the Star of Enchantment... Your ambition shall finally come to an end!"
  • "If I do not defeat you, then this tragedy will continue to be played out over and over again!"
  • "I understand the hearts of men. It is obvious that your crazed wolf act is just a mask. Tell me I'm wrong."
  • "I'll show you the essence of Nanto Hakuro Ken!"
  • "Farewell, my friend..."
  • "Such strength... It is dangerous for us to leave that foe be..."
  • "I shall withdraw. It is my duty to protect the light."
  • "This is not the time for me to fall."

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