Shijou no Hana (至上の華), roughly translated as "Unmatched Flower", is a Geten no Hana character image song. It is performed by Kazuyuki Okitsu who voices Kanbei Kuroda in the series. Players will hear a shortened version of it in the game during the credit movie of Kanbei's romance ending.


Lyrics: Kei Matsuda
Composition, Arrangement: Kensuke Inage
Universal Music record label


昏(くら)き闇夜 不意の出逢い
二つの運命 交わった
熱い衝動 稲妻(ひかり)が心を撃ち抜くように
刹那 恋に落ちた
可憐な"華" 抱き締めたい 今すぐに
戸惑う仕草 すべてが愛しい
深き迷い 無情の霧
祓う涼風(かぜ)求め 手を伸ばす
凛と強い真撃な瞳で 俺を信じ
この手で 牽(ひ)いてくれた
咲き誇る"華" 麗しき夢追人(ゆめおいびと)
その健気さに 日々焦がれていく
ー奪い去っても 嗚呼 いいだろうか?
至上の"華" 心から愛している
どうか永遠に この腕の中に

kuraki yamiyo fui no deai
futatsu no unmei majiwatta
atsui shoudou hikari ga kokoro wo uchi-nuku youni
setsuna koi ni ochita
karenna "hana" dakishimetai imasuguni
tomadou shigusa subete ga itoshii
fukaki mayoi mujou no kiri
harau kaze motome te wo nobasu
rin to tsuyoi shinshina hitomi de ore wo shinji
kono te de hiitekureta
sakihokoru "hana" uruwashiki yumeoibito
sono kenagesa ni hibi kogarete iku
nanimokamo itoshisugite
ubaisattemo aa iidarouka?
shijou no "hana" kokorokara aishiteiru
douka eien ni kono ude no naka ni

In the blackest of nights, an unforeseen encounter took place
and two lines of fate were exchanged
A hot pulse shot through my heart like lightning
and I instantly fell in love
Sweet "flower", I wish to hold you so much
Even your bewildered gestures are dear to me
When I was lost in doubt in a heartless mist,
I sought for a refreshing breeze to open the way
You believed in me with dignified and strong piercing eyes,
and cleaved me free with your hand
Blooming "flower", you are the beautiful person of my dreams
I spend days on end pining for your bravery
I love anything and everything about you
Could I be the one, ah, to take you?
Unmatched "flower", I so dearly love you
Please be in my arms forever

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