Here is a list of items found in Shin Sangoku Musou Blast.

Healing items and power-ups available in the game's item store. These are used during intervals between stages.

Image Name Cost
Offensive Item 1 (DWB) Power Booster 6 Meat Buns
Effects: Increases attack power.
Offensive Item 2 (DWB) Great Power Booster 30 Orbs
Effects: Greatly increases attack power.
Defensive Item 1 (DWB) Defense Booster 6 Meat Buns
Effects: Increases defense power.
Defensive Item 2 (DWB) Secret Defense Booster 30 Orbs
Effects: Greatly increases defense power.
Recovery Item 1 (DWB) Meat 30 Orbs
Effects: Partially restores health.
Recovery Item 2 (DWB) Roasted Chicken 50 Orbs
Effects: Fully restores health.
Recovery Item 3 (DWB) Hua Tuo's Ointment 120 Orbs
Effects: Fully restores Musou gauge and ends cooldown time.
Bonus Item 1 (DWB) Gold Helmet 30 Orbs
Effects: Causes bonus officer to appear in limited event battles.
Bonus Item 2 (DWB) Bundled Deeds 30 Orbs
Effects: Increases ranking points received based on KO count.
Limited Time Item 1 (DWB) Lucky Bag 4,500 Orbs
Effects: Contains random SR cards. Limited to one person.
Limited Time Item 2 (DWB) Gift Pack 5,000 Orbs
Effects: Contains random SR cards and other prizes.

Expendable items obtained daily or through special events.

Image Name
Orb (DWB) In-game currency used for spending items, cards, and energy points.
Normal Ticket
Ticket (DWB) Regular ticked used for drawing a random character card.
Special Ticket
Special Ticket (DWB) Rare ticket used for drawing an SR rank character card.
Serial Code Ticket
Serial Code (DWB) Contains serial code used for unlocking bonus content in other games.
Bonus Scroll
Bonus Scroll (DWB) Amplifies bonus points gained during time-limited events. Only works once per battle.

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