Shin Sangoku Musou Eiketsuden classifies character and generic units into one of five types: Attack, Defense, Technique, Speed, and Mental. These categories have a broad effect on a character's stat growth, skill tree display, and resonance area of effect.


Attack Type
Resonance AOE - Attack (DWEKD) Places importance on offense. Provides attack bonus in proportion to the amount of health lost.
Defense Type
Resonance AOE - Defense (DWEKD) Defense-oriented type. Characters from this category receive less damage when put on the front lines.
Technique Type
Resonance AOE - Technique (DWEKD) Focuses more on finesse and skill. Benefits from increased ability points and critical hit rate.
Speed Type
Resonance AOE - Speed (DWEKD) Revolves heavily around mobility. Can bypass surrounding foes and easily perform resonance attacks.
Mental Type
Resonance AOE - Mental (DWEKD) Has a strong emphasis on the spirit stat. Recovers a small portion of health during each turn.



Type - Attack (DWEKD)


Type - Defense (DWEKD)


Type - Technique (DWEKD)


Type - Speed (DWEKD)


Type - Mental (DWEKD)

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