Pre-Order BonusEdit

Get the game new to receive a redeemable code for Lixia's Diaochan outfit.

Lixia Diaochan Costume (DWEKD)

Treasure Box BonusEdit

Purchase the boxed edition for Lixia's yukata outfit.


Lawson Collaboration OutfitEdit

Reserve the game at Lawson/Loppi-HMV for Zhao Yun's waiter costume.


Nico Nico Live BonusEdit

Premium members watching the special presentation of the game will receive a serial code containing a special weapon for Guan Yu.

Crescent Blade - Special (DWEKD DLC)

Demo BonusEdit

Begin the game after finishing the demo to unlock special weapons for Zhao Yun and Lei Bin.

Demo Weapon Set (DWEKD DLC)


External LinksEdit

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