Shiseikan High School
Location(s): Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Education Level(s): Secondary education
Curriculum(s): General education
Sex Segregation: Male only

Shiseikan High School (至誠館高校, Shiseikan-kōkō) is a fictional high school introduced in Kiniro no Corda 3. The campus is located near Aoba Castle, and Sendai's founder is often referenced with this school.

Shiseikan roughly translates as "house of sincerity". Characters who come from this school have minor naming references to the Meiji period.

Role in GamesEdit

During the Meiji period, a cultivator braved Hokkaido's harsh weather to plant crops and forests. Determined to never lose against nature, he wanted to somehow pass his experiences onto the next generation. He became a scholar and professor, eventually using his knowledge to found what would be later known as Shiseikan High School. Over the ages, the school has made gradual adjustments for contemporary needs yet would continue to offer the founder's cultivation methods into its curriculum due to its historical importance to the school. A honorary statue and plaque dedicated to the founder is present at the school's front gate.

The founder named his school after Mencius's quote from Li Lou I, "Never has there been one possessed of complete sincerity, who did not move others. Never has there been one who had not sincerity who was able to move others". In Japan, these words are famously engraved on a famous scholar's tombstone. By using the quote, the founder wished to inspire later generations to never forget the importance of benevolent education.

Middle school and high school students can attend Shiseikan. It is an all boys school in the vanilla title. feat. Shiseikan states that a special course which allows female students began the year prior to the protagonist's admission. The new course is a teaching plan which combines classes which would be necessary for postgraduate enrollment. It doubles as an experimental adaptation to contemporary trends.

Among its extracurricular clubs, the Wind Instrument Club (吹奏楽部, suisōgaku-bu) is one of the school's hallmarks. The club's trumpet, trombone, horn and tuba players have received famed recognition within local concours and marching band competitions for many years. It originally functioned in two groups, the seniors and juniors. The seniors would plan club events and instruct the juniors. Juniors were expected to be standby reserve members for the seniors' competitions. Every member supported one another with advice and constructive criticism.

Yet the club's livelihood is currently threatened due to a slanderous violent incident which occurred one year prior to the main setting. The members had their respective disagreements over the matter, causing the club members to split. Many of the advanced players left to form the Brass Band Club, a club which opposes the Wind Instrument Club. To protect the club's honor and to prove its worth, the remaining members of the Wind Instrument Club dream to be victorious in the national tournament.