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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Shuten Dōji.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "It's time to get some answers."
  • "There is nothing as sweet as a victory drink!"
  • "I plan on drinking this battlefield dry."
  • "I guess I'll take it."
  • "The wine to celebrate this victory is going to taste amazing."
  • "I want you to have this. If you like, you can summon me to one of your banquets."
  • "You're an impressive specimen."
  • "What went wrong out there?"
  • "I defeated many enemies in the last battle. When I am fighting, for some reason it feels as if my blood is boiling."
  • "It's been a while since I've been called to battle. I suppose I should just have a drink and wait for my turn."
  • "Lately, I've been summoned to many battles. It seems my strength is proving useful to our cause."
  • "I need more wine... That's not going to be enough. You'd better bring the barrel."
  • "I leave you in pieces."
  • "Huh... Looks like I lost myself in battle again."
  • "Seeing you fight is like drinking the best wine - intoxicating!"
  • "You know all and see all, they say. Guess they aren't lying."
  • "Yoshitsune Minamoto, peerless warrior of the Genji."
  • "Sima Zhao, could you be the mightiest under heaven?"
  • "You are too strong, Orochi... How can you hope for anyone to defeat you?"
  • "Is this where I am to fall?"
  • "I am my own enemy...? That actually sounds quite possible."
  • "Impressively brave."
  • "You fight well."
  • "Here to save me, are you?"
  • "Oh, you plan on aiding me?"
  • "You plan to challenge me..."
  • "I admit it, you beat me."
  • "Impressive skills, Taigong Wang."
  • "Taigong Wang, you have come to rescue me?"
  • "Incredible, Yoshitsune."
  • "Have you come to aid me, Yoshitsune?"
  • "Impressive, for one who claims to dislike fighting."
  • "Sima Zhao, here to save me."
  • "Most impressive, Orochi."
  • "Orochi, I would not have expected this from you."
  • "Impressively brave. I shall rely on your strength in the future, I am sure."
  • "You are a capable fighter. It cannot hurt to have you along."
  • "Here to save me, are you? Then I need to prove myself worthy of such efforts."
  • "Oh, you plan on aiding me? As you wish, I shall fight alongside you."
  • "You plan to challenge me...? No matter who I face, I shall not hold back!"
  • "I admit defeat. Let us fight again in the future."
  • "Most impressive, Taigong Wang. I am counting on you."
  • "Taigong Wang, you have come to rescue me? I shall repay you by displaying my prowess in battle!"
  • "Truly incredible, Yoshitsune. I almost cannot look away."
  • "Come to aid me, Yoshitsune? My thanks! Let us fight together."
  • "Impressive, for one who claims to dislike fighting. Humans say one thing and often mean another."
  • "Sima Zhao, you are here to save me? ...My apologies for the trouble."
  • "Most impressive, Orochi. What battle could we ever lose, with you counted as our ally?"
  • "Orochi, this is most unexpected. Saving me will not bring you the end that you desire."
  • "I never tire of seeing you fight. What sights does your vantage afford you, I wonder?"
  • "Your strength is as solid as the stones. I just want to sit back and watch you at work!"
  • "You have gone out of your way for me. I am most grateful."
  • "With your cooperation, how could I ever lose? ...I trust you, in other words."
  • "You are now my enemy...? Very well. Hit me with everything you've got."
  • "I have lost to you, and none other. I have no regrets."
  • "Taigong Wang, such brilliant fighting! I hope to forge a new future with you!"
  • "You make for a powerful ally, Taigong Wang. With you at my side, we can turn the tide."
  • "You fight so well, Yoshitsune, I never get tired of watching you."
  • "Yoshitsune, I have been waiting for you. Let us take back this battlefield!"
  • "A performance equal to your reputation, Sima Zhao. How my eyes are continually drawn to you!"
  • "Sima Zhao, you have come in person? ...I guess there are some things you are willing to do, after all."
  • "None other could ever hope to touch you, Orochi. Just what do you wish to become?"
  • "You would save me, Orochi? Let us fight together a while, then."
  • "Would you do me the honor of facing me in a duel?"
  • "Nice form. I'll have to be more careful."
  • "I won't let you defeat me. It's time I started fighting back."
  • "Nothing beats a nice piece of fish as an accompaniment to wine."
  • "How unfortunate. That fishing pole of yours had many great catches in it yet..."
  • "Looks like I'd better put up some resistance if I don't want to get caught."
  • "What's the matter, young warrior? Are you shaking?"
  • "Are you sure this isn't some kind of misunderstanding?"
  • "So words won't get through. Then I guess I'll have to make you understand by force."
  • "It's been too long since I've had a good fight. Will you be my opponent?"
  • "You attack fiercely despite professing boredom. Humans truly are interesting creatures."
  • "That was good workout. Now, allow me to return the favor."
  • "I am not you, Orochi."
  • "What a strange feeling... Is that you attacking me, Orochi? Or myself?"
  • "My limits are fast approaching. Now is the time to prove once and for all who I am."
  • "Sure, I'll fight you. I have plenty of time."
  • "Who...are you? Who am...I?"

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