Here is a collection of Sima Yi's weapons in the Warriors series.


Dynasty Warriors 3Edit

War Fan
War Fan (DW3) Weapon Level: 1
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 15
Warlord Fan
Warlord Fan (DW3) Weapon Level: 2
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 30
Black Feather
Black Feather (Dark Feather) Weapon Level: 3
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 40
Dark Feather
Black Feather (Dark Feather) Weapon Level: 4
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 40
Lightning (C4) Attack: 28
Bow Attack: 50 Mounted Attack: 55
Reach: 29 Musou Charge: 26

Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Raven Feather
Raven Feather (DW3) Weapon Level: 5
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 40
Item: Defender HP Max: 71
Bow Defense: 55 Reach: 30
Musou Charge: 25

Dynasty Warriors 4Edit

Strategist's Fan
Strategist's Fan (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 4
Level 1 Base Attack: 11
Level 2 Base Attack: 14 (1,000 EXP)
Level 3 Base Attack: 17 (3,000 EXP)
Command Fan
Command Fan (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 5
Level 4 Base Attack: 21 (6,000 EXP)
Level 5 Base Attack: 24 (10,000 EXP)
Level 6 Base Attack: 27 (15,000 EXP)
Black Feather
Black Feather (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 7 Base Attack: 35 (21,000 EXP)
Level 8 Base Attack: 38 (28,000 EXP)
Level 9 Base Attack: 41 (36,000 EXP)
Dark Feather
Dark Feather (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 10 Base Attack: 50

Level 10 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Abyssal Feather
Abyssal Feather Base Attack: 44
Number of Hits: 6
Tortoise Amulet: 18 Nanman Armor: 15
Cavalry Armor: 16 Seven Star Sash: 11

Level 11 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Battle of Mt. Qi
  • Restrictions: No bodyguards
  • Requirements: Trigger the rain event manually, instead of it activating automatically. Defeat nine of the ten enemy generals.
  1. Equip Shadow Saddle.
  2. You will be trapped with tons of archers and mines on the ground. Fill your musou bar. Ride on the horse and go down the hill. Dismount and unleash the true musou at the archers. Get back on the horse and ride back up the hill in the same path you came down (the bombs do not regenerate). Repeat.
  3. Sima Yi will start cursing at Zhuge Liang when his HP goes to yellow.
  4. When you get about 25 KOs, suddenly it starts raining, which disarms the mines.
  5. The gates open, and Wei Yan rushes in with tons of troops.
  6. Rush outside the gate and find food (turn right when you go out). You should almost be dead by now.
  7. Defeat Wei Yan.
  8. Defeat Gao Xiang when he appears.
  9. Defeat Zhuge Liang, and Yue Ying who appears shortly after.
  10. Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, Ma Dai and Jian Yong appear one after one for the next few minutes. Kill them all.
  11. With about 3-7 minutes left, Jiang Wei appears. Defeat him.
  12. Level 11 message.
  13. Rush to the exit to end the stage.

Note: It's okay not to defeat Wang Ping who ambushes you when you run up the mountain. You'll still get the S-rank for the weapon. Equip the vorpal orb, elixir and the way of musou. Sima Yi's true musou can kill up to 30 troops in one shot. Officers die in two full shots if most of the lasers hit them.

Dynasty Warriors 5Edit

Strategist's Fan
Simayi-dw5weapon1 Weapon Length: 67 cm (2'2")
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 2
Command Fan
Simayi-dw5weapon2 Weapon Length: 75 cm (2'6")
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 6
Black Feather
Simayi-dw5weapon3 Weapon Length: 74 cm (2'5")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 10
Dark Feather
Simayi-dw5weapon4 Weapon Length: 76 cm (2'6")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 32
Weight: Medium Charge: 15
Defense: 16 Musou: 19
Fill: 15 Attack: 15

Fourth Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Battle of Chen Cang (Wei)
  • Location: Inside the castle the player starts in.
  • Requirements: Stop the siege machine lines by taking all three of the enemy defense bases along the south before any damage is done to your castle walls.

Dynasty Warriors 6Edit

Simayi-dw6weapon1 Eradication Claws
Weapon Type: Standard
Simayi-dw6weapon3 Anguish Claws
Weapon Type: Strength
Simayi-dw6weapon2 Necrosis Claws
Weapon Type: Skill

Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceEdit

Sima Yi uses gauntlets as his main weapon in the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7Edit

Sima Yi uses the war fan as his default weapon in the game and its various spin-offs.

Dynasty Warriors NextEdit

Strategist's Fan
War Fan - 1st Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 30+
Number of Hits: 4~5
Command Fan
War Fan - 2nd Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 40+
Number of Hits: 5~6
Black Feather
War Fan - 5th Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 50+
Number of Hits: 6

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

Sima Yi now uses the horsehair whip as his default weapon in this title.

Dynasty Warriors: GodseekersEdit

White Whip
Horsehair Whisk - 1st Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 32~60
Rank: 1 ★
Shadow Whip
Horsehair Whisk - 2nd Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 50~93
Rank: 2 ★
Peacock Whip
Horsehair Whisk - 3rd Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 79~145
Rank: 3 ★
Dragon Whip
Horsehair Whisk - 4th Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 121~225
Rank: 4 ★
Royal Whip
Horsehair Whisk - 5th Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 189~349
Rank: 5 ★
Demon Beard
Horsehair Whisk - 6th Weapon (DW8XL) Base Attack: 291~436
Rank: 6 ★

Warriors Orochi 1 & 2Edit

Strategist's Fan
1st Weapon - Sima Yi (WO) Weapon Level: 1
Base Attack: 8
Command Fan
2nd Weapon - Sima Yi (WO) Weapon Level: 2
Base Attack: 17
Black Feather
3rd Weapon - Sima Yi (WO) Weapon Level: 3
Base Attack: 35
Dark Feather
4th Weapon - Sima Yi (WO) Weapon Level: 4
Base Attack: 71

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

Sparrow Wing
1-Star Weapon - Sparrow Wing Base Attack: 4
Compatibility Bonus: 7
Swallow Wing
2-Star Weapon - Swallow Wing Base Attack: 7
Compatibility Bonus: 11
Raven Wing
3-Star Weapon - Raven Wing Base Attack: 12
Compatibility Bonus: 14
Fenghuang Wing
4-Star Weapon - Fenghuang Wing Base Attack: 20
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Big Star WeaponsEdit

Sima Yi uses the following big star weapons in the game.

  • Peacock Wing
  • Distinction
  • Enlightenment
  • Cool Breeze

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

Fenghuang Wing X
4-Star Weapon - Fenghuang Wing Base Attack: 60
Compatibility Bonus: 18
Mystic Wing
Mystic Weapon - Sima Yi (WO3U) Base Attack: 55
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Acquiring Mystic WeaponEdit

  • Chapter 3: Battle of Guangzong - Defeat Bo Cai and 300 enemies in under 5 minutes.
  • Chapter 4: Salvation at Nagashino - Defeat 800 enemies in under 11 minutes.
  • Chapter 7: Rescue of the Heavenly Emperor - Defeat Ijū and 800 enemies in under 11 minutes.