Six-ear Macaque
Character Information
Mythological Information
Real name:
Liùěr Míhóu
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Fake Sun Wukong

The Six-ear Monkey (六耳猴, onyomi: Rokujikō) AKA known fully as the Six-Ear Macaque (六耳獼猴, onyomi: Rokuji Mikō) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West and is one of Old Man Nyoi's subordinates.

In the original Journey to the West story and many of its adapations, he was known for impersonating the original Sun Wukong himself and getting him wrongfully accused of attacking his own party and stealing their baggage. By the time the original Wukong himself went to resolve the issue by combating his fake, neither one of them could overcome the other as their abilities seemed to be evenly matched, while everyone else they consulted seemed to agree otherwise. However, upon being revealed, the macaque was eventually killed by Sun Wukong out of revenge for harming his master.

Role in GameEdit

When the party chooses to pass through the "haunted" Mist Mountain, they encounter a double of Ryorin. Multiple dopplegangers of Gojo, Hakkai, Sanzo, and Goku also arrive to the scene. As the imposters confuse the real counterparts, Sanzo deduces a way to identify his/her true friends. The pilgrim casts the spell he/she learned from Lady Kannon to tighten the headband around Goku's forehead. As the real Goku grimaces in pain, the monk tells everyone to apprehend the fake Gokus. Since the real versions obey, everyone in the ally party attacks the phony versions. The dust settles and the last fake Goku reverts to his real form, Roku Jiko. Fearing another beating, he blurts he was ordered to capture the monk by his master. Fleeing for his life, he reports his failure back at King Taurus's hideout.

In spite of his loss, Nyoi trusts him to join their revenge battle against Sanzo in Storm Mountain. He is asked to change into Sanzo and act as the healer for the evil Weres. Like the others, he flees from the monk following their defeat.


An apprehensive and obeisant servant to his masters, Jiko is a simple-minded monster who follows instructions due to fear. He may let an accusing quip slip about their blunders, but this monkey won't question his position in the pecking order.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jiko has no definite attack style of his own since his main forte is copying the main character's party. He will be subject to the same strengths and weaknesses as the originals. Since he can't utilize the originals' unique abilities (transforming into Weres or summoning Guardians), his arsenal of attacks is limited. He also doesn't copy the exact levels or stats of the party, so there may be a chance of him actually being weaker as well.

Journey to the WestEdit

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